Video Walls 

Signage Video Wall

Digital Signage Video Wall


Captivate passers-by with creative, multi-screen video walls displaying live video, animated content, digital signage and distortion-free 4K content.

  • VideoPlex enables you to get creative design uniquely shaped video walls with four or more screens.
  • The modular Radian™ 1000 gives you the ability to create and control large-scale digital signage walls with up to 20 screens.

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MediaCento Videowall


Manage IP-based digital signage and video wall content remotely with MediaCento's 
intuitive Web UI with local, secondary, and mobile networks.

  • Distribute digital signage, multicast video, HD video and audio
  • Custom LED video wall, digital signage, and video wall displays
  • Cost-effective, flexible matrix switching
  • Plug-and-play video wall setup
  • Extend HDMI over IP with lossless compression
  • PoE support for remote powering

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Radian Video Wall

Radian™ 2000

The Radian video wall processor is ideal for Mission-critical visualization in situation rooms and command centers.

  • Display hundreds of low-latency video inputs (Legacy, UHD, 4K, and H.264)
  • Custom layouts can be altered in real-time with an intuitive graphical user interface
  • Users manage multiple video walls simultaneously from one video wall processor
  • Video wall processor allows windows to be freely sized, scaled, added, moved, and replaced across entire video wall

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