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Managing technology — new or existing — can be expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective, especially when you consider how much traditional support services can vary between technology, hardware, vendors, locations, viability, and contractual coverage. With Black Box support packages, your organization will enjoy skilled, centralized contract maintenance services that maximize your ROI and give you:

  • Exceptional reliability
  • Greater consistency
  • Simplicity for your existing service model
  • Peace of mind

End-to-end services that streamline technology maintenance and management

The right services and tools for mission-critical environments

Black Box’s Xcelerate Services lets you turn your attention from the overwhelming and burdensome task of managing technology to the more rewarding pursuit of meeting business objectives.

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Why Black Box?

For over four decades, Black Box has been a trusted IT integrator, delivering cutting-edge technology solutions and premier services to businesses worldwide across all major industries. We assist our clients in achieving success by designing, implementing, and managing end-to-end technology solutions that elevate their enterprises to the next level.

As a prominent IT support services company, we bring extensive experience and a wide-reaching network to the table. Our range of tools helps accelerate businesses in an efficient and effective manner while standardizing technology deployments across all locations within budget and deadline.

Furthermore, you will also benefit from our extensive knowledge and skill in identifying and diffusing formidable challenges, including those associated with worldwide supply-chain disruptions.

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