Anticipate and Exceed Fluid Customer Expectations with Ease

The core of any successful retail or hospitality environment is the emotional bond between the space and the consumer and the seamless transition from the online experience to in-store operations. The customer experience is being revolutionized by technology, and expectations are changing with lightning speed. Digital technology is the key to meeting these expectations. You can get ahead of the persistent march of progress simply by leveraging the right digital technology, analytics, and transformation partner to roll out to one store or more than 1,000. We can help you create a quick, immersive, personalized experience by enabling your guests to access information and make requests – on their terms.


Leverage IoT and Leading-Edge Technology to Create Smart Retail

From the POS to modern hospitality, enhance your brand and enrich your customer journey with immersive and personalized experiences that drive conversion through location-based connectivity. Improve engagement by deploying eye-catching and easy-to-use digital signage across your entire network, wirelessly, on a global scale. Make check-in quick and seamless, and enable guests to interactively access information and make requests on their terms, optimizing visual wayfinding. As a trusted digital partner, Black Box helps you capitalize on leading-edge WiFi, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Audio-Visual technology to connect every location and every access point with exceptional design and on-budget delivery.

Foundational Technologies Are the Centerpiece of Modern Retail

Creating a seamless customer experience before, during, and after a visit, online and in-person requires the right technology. Equip associates with the right information, at the right time, for exactly what customers need. Prioritize customer and associate safety, safeguard goods, and secure consumer data and privacy, while keeping a retailer's physical and digital enterprise optimized for end-to-end experiences. Plus, gain insights and automate to efficiently, safely, and proactively manage distribution and fulfillment centers.

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Stunning and Creative Solutions that Exceed Customer Expectations.

Retail environments are the perfect environment to drive revenue through dynamic, hyper-targeted digital signage. Black Box offers digital signage and video wall solutions as a specialty, giving you the power to display the content you desire wherever you want in real-time to improve sales and brand awareness. Even better, our signage solutions boast perfect picture quality certain to capture the potential customer’s attention. These solutions are fully scalable and available for distribution over any distance, both wired and wirelessly, via superior quality connectivity.

Customer Success Stories

Read how Black Box experts help clients create enhanced, personalized guest experiences with the right digital technology. We build collaboration, communication, and exceptional design into our solutions while delivering on-time and on-budget.

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Why Black Box?

Just as your customers and guests are the center of all you do, your needs are the center of everything we do. We bring human-centric technology solutions to assist you in a seamless adaptation toward today’s dynamic retail environment and into the future. We analyze your customer care and experience requirements and suggest how technology can help meet those goals. We’re committed to objective analysis and honest appraisals. By continually investing in R&D, world-class infrastructure, and bringing the best talent from all across the world, we co-create pathbreaking technology solutions with our customers.

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