Drive Pixel-Perfect Video to an Unlimited Number of Screens with AV-over-IP Technology

Extend, distribute, and/or control 4K UHD or 4K 60 Hz Video over IP to an unlimited number of screens. MediaCento IPX sends up to 4K UHD Video over IP to screens as far as your local network reaches. It extends (unicast) audio/video from one source to a single screen or distributes (multicast) the same content to multiple screens. To switch between multiple sources or create video walls, add the MediaCento Controller, and the system becomes an IP-based matrix switch and video wall processor.  For 10-Gbps networks, MCX distributes and extends 4K 60 Hz video and audio over IP, allowing AV and data payloads to exist on the same IT network, reducing network management time and costs.

Drive Pixel-Perfect Video to an Unlimited Number of Screens with AV-over-IP Technology

AV-over-IP Benefits

Extend, distribute, and control video to an unlimited number of screens using your existing LAN infrastructure. Black Box products offer plug-and-play setup, lossless compression with virtually no latency, EDID compatibility, high speeds combined with comprehensive connectivity and flexible deployment, seamless switching, and advanced video walls, all with complete control.

HDMI HD Video to 4K UHD Video over IP

Unicast or multicast HDMI video and audio to a nearly unlimited number of screens on a network. You need just one transmitter and one receiver for each screen.

Easy Integration

The transmitter(s) and receiver(s) install directly into an existing LAN infrastructure.

Plug-and-Play Setup

There's no need to configure any IP settings (although more experienced users can do that if needed).

Extends HD or 4K Digital Video/Audio

HD or 4K model extends HDMI digital video/audio up to 100 m between transmitter and receiver (point-to-point) using CATx cable or (4K model only) up to 30 km between transmitter and receiver over single-mode fiber cable using a standard Gigabit SFP module.

Lossless Compression and Ultra-low Latency

Lossless compression and ultra-low latency no matter what the distance or the number of screens.

Extended Display Identification Data (EDID)

Extended display identification data (EDID) copy function results in an optimal PC-to-screen performance.

The Need for Speed: MCX Delivers at 10 Gbps

Extend uncompressed 4K 60 Hz 4:4:4 video to an unlimited number of displays without sacrificing latency, video quality, or bandwidth.

Comprehensive Connectivity

Connect every essential AV distribution device to your MCX through its variety of ports: discrete RS-232, IR, secondary audio channel plus a separate 1-GbE connection.

Seamless Switching

Switch between video sources in less than 100 milliseconds with no artifacts or screen blink.

Advanced Video Wall Capabilities

Increase versatility in video wall deployments with advanced video scaling options, such as multi-view, picture-in-picture, split screen and more.

Complete Control

The MCX Controller lets you manage and monitor AV content with ease.

Flexible Deployment

Deploy on 10G networks over Ethernet, fiber or both.

Featured Solutions

Black Box meets you where you are today to walk alongside you into the future with premium AV, Multimedia, and Digital Signage solutions. Whether you need Gigabit or 10-Gigabit speeds today, or higher speeds down the road, we’ve got your back. Distribute and extend AV over IP and control everything HD or 4K from a touchscreen or even your cell phone with zero latency for impressive displays and video walls in applications ranging from bar or restaurant hospitality venues to air traffic or 911 emergency control rooms.

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