Capitalizing on the Hybrid Work Environment

Companies are embracing the hybrid work environment as a way to strengthen their image as innovators and to attract and retain top talent. The reimagined workplace keeps the health, safety, and well-being of employees as a top priority but preserves and combines the energy of face-to-face communications with secure anytime, anywhere collaboration. The future of work is a win-win for everyone.


Reconnecting and Reinventing the Workplace Ecosystem

To create a reimagined workplace, companies need strategic office reconfigurations combined with the latest IT. That means integrating connected building and digital workplace technologies with communication and collaboration systems and everywhere wireless for secure connectivity and access, automation, intelligence, and zero-touch controls to create seamless experiences for users - wherever they are working. It also means recreating that workplace ecosystem uniformly at every site throughout the enterprise.

The Right Tools and Technologies to Build a Modern Workspace

Build your reimagined workplace with tools that future-proof your work ecosystem and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. Start with anywhere, anytime unified communication and collaboration systems for flexibility, scalability, economy, and efficiency. Optimize your enterprise-wide network with SD-WAN, security, forward-looking wireless. Next, add digital signage to your toolbox to communicate, schedule, alert, inform, and educate in-house workers. These technologies give you the right foundation to support resilient, redundant, intuitive, and easily managed workplace communications. Starting with a strong backbone of cabling, you’ll have the right tools to serve you now and well into the future as you adopt emerging new technologies.

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    Unified Collaboration & Communication

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    Digital Signage

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    Network Optimization

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    Structured Cabling

Automate and Create Intuitive Workplace Navigation, Connections, and Collaboration

In today’s reinvented workplace, resources are limited and demands are high. The right technologies can help you align IT with reimagined workplace objectives of safety and social distancing while encouraging the energy and productivity of face-to-face collaboration. Strategic use of technology can help you seamlessly and intuitively guide users through reconfigured workspaces.

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The pandemic gave you the freedom to redefine your workspace and the power to dramatically reshape your business for years to come. The tactics and strategies you use now can mean the difference between a resilient, future-ready business or one that’s operating as if it’s 2019. That’s why you need a trusted IT partner — Black Box.

For more than 45 years, we’ve been connecting people, devices, and data around the world. Enlist our engineers and solution architects to help you define your workspace transformation goals. Whether your reimagined workplace includes IoT, automation, intelligent experiences, social distancing, transparent collaboration and communications, or security and cybersecurity, we can help. All of your enterprise’s disparate systems will work together seamlessly to create a workspace that energizes your workforce, attracts talent, and sets you apart from your competitors.

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