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Easy USB Connectivity

USB (Universal Serial Bus) gives you easy, plug-and-play connectivity. There's no configuration. No rebooting. And no power worries—USB supplies the power. Best of all, USB is universal. Almost every device today has a USB port. Use these handy charts to quickly find the right USB device for your application.

USB Connectors

usb 1.1 and 2.0 type a iconusb 1.1 and 2.0 type b iconusb 1.1 and 2.0 mini a iconusb 1.1 and 2.0 type a iconusb 3.0 type a iconusb 3.0 type b iconusb 3.0 mini b iconusb-c
1.1 and 2.0 Type A1.1 and 2.0 Type B1.1 and 2.0 Mini A1.1 and 2.0 Mini B3.0 Type A3.0 Type B3.0 Mini BUSB C

USB Extenders

Extend USB peripherals, including printers, scanners, white boards, and touch screens, up to 10 km.

USB TypeMax SpeedRemote Hub PortsDistance SupportedConnectivityItem #
1.1, 2.012 Mbps185 mCATxIC101A
1.1, 2.012 Mbps285 mCATxIC282A
1.1, 2.0480 Mbps1100 mCATxIC280A-R2
1.1, 2.0480 Mbps1100 mCATxIC401A-R2
1.1, 2.0480 Mbps2100 mCATxIC402A-R2
1.1, 2.0480 Mbps4100 mCATxIC400A-R2
1.1, 2.0480 Mbps4500 mMultimode FiberIC404A-R2
1.1, 2.0480 Mbps410 kmSingle-mode FiberIC406A-R2
1.1, 2.0480 Mbps4100 mCATx/LANIC408A-R2
3.05 Gbps2100 mMultimode FiberIC502A-R2
3.1, 2.0, 1.15 Gbps4100 mCATxICU504A
3.1, 2.0, 1.15 Gbps4200 mMultimode FiberICU544A

USB Hubs

Hubs are the easy way to connect multiple USB peripherals to a computer.

USB TypePortsMax. SpeedClass 1 / Div. 2Industrial GradeItem #
1.1, 2.04480 Mbps  IC147A-R3
1.1, 2.04480 Mbps ICI104A
1.1, 2.04480 MbpsICI200A
1.1, 2.04 with Isolation480 MbpsICI202A
1.1, 2.07480 MbpsICI207A
USB-CDocking Station:
(3) USB 3.0 A, (1) HDMI, (1) RJ45 LAN,
(1) Micro SDX, (1) SD/MMCX, (1) USB-C
5 GbpsUSBC2000

USB Converters

Bridge the gap between incompatible interfaces.

USB Type  Ports RS-232RS-422/RS-485RS-232/ 422/485Max. Speed (Kbps)Class 1 / Div. 2Item #
1.11  115 IC199A-R3
1.11  230 IC1000A
1.11  921 IC266A
1.12  921 IC1020A
1.14  460 IC1027A
1.14  921 IC1022A
1.18  460 IC1023A
1.18  921 IC1025A
1.1 & 2.02  921ICD120A

USB Cables

USB makes connectivity incredibly easy.

USB TypeEnd Type 1End Type 2LengthOtherItem #
2Type AType B0.9 m USB05-0003
2Type AType B1.8 m USB05-0006
2Type AType B3.0 m USB05-0010
2Type AType B3.9 m USB05-0013
2Type AType B4.5 m USB05-0015
2Type A MType A F0.9 m USB05E-0003
2Type A MType A F1.8 m USB05E-0006
2Type A MType A F3.0 m USB05E-0010
2Type A MaleType A Male1.8 m USB09-0006
2Type AType Mini B0.9 m USB06-0003
2Type AType Mini B1.8 m USB06-0006
2Type BType B0.9 m USB08-0003
2Type BType B1.8 m USB08-0006
2Type BType B3 m USB08-0010
2Type BType B4.9 m USB08-0016
2Type A Male, Right AngleType A Female1.2 m USBR08-0004
2Type AType A2.4 mActive cable.
Daisy chain up to 4 cables.
2Type AType A4.8 mActive cable.
Daisy chain up to 4 cables.
3Type A MaleType B Male1.8 m USB30-0006-MM
3Type A MaleType B Male3.0 m USB30-0010-MM
3Type A FemaleType A Male15.0 mActive extension cableUSB3ACE-15M
3.1Type C MaleRJ-4520 cmGigabit adapterVA-USBC31-RJ45
3.1Type C MaleDisplayPort 1.2 Female20 cmVideo adapterVA-USBC31-DP12
3.1Type C MaleDVI-D Female20 cmVideo adapterVA-USBC31-DVID
3.1Type C MaleVGA Female20 cmVideo adapterVA-USBC31-VGA
3.1Type C MaleHDMI 1.4 Female20 cmVideo adapterVA-USBC31-HDMI4K
3.13.1 Type C Male3.0 Type A Female15 cmAdapterUSB3C
3.1Type C MaleType C Male1 m10 GbpsUSB3C10G-1M
3.1Type C MaleType A Male1 m5 GbpsUSB3C-1M
3.1Type C Male3.0 Micro B1 m5 GbpsUSB3C5G-1M
3.1Type C Male3.0 Type B Male1 m USB3CB-1M
3.1Type C Male2.0 Micro1 m USBC2MICRO-1M
3.1Type C Male2.0 Micro2 m USBC2MICRO-2M
3.1Type C Male2.0 Mini B1 m USBC2MINI-1M
3.1Type C Male2.0 Mini B2 m USBC2MINI-2M
3.1Type C Male2.0 Type B Male1 m USBC2TYPEB-1M
3.1Type C Male2.0 Type B male2 m USBC2TYPEB-2M

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