Our Extended Service Plan (ESP) offering is a robust, sophisticated service that represents one of the most extensive, cost effective, post-warranty support available in the marketplace. ESP provides core services to ensure that our customers have the critical resources and support mechanisms to support essential their day-to-day operations. When Black Box receives an order for ESP on behalf of a customer site, we establishes the ESP service accounts with the vendor and issues an ESP service "Information Package" to the customer site and Black Box support staff. This package provides essential account details, authorized users, contact numbers, and procedures so that the customer has the information it needs for immediate access to services. Our Extended Service Plans (ESP) are multi-year contracts that provide the following services:

Warranty Services

Our standard warranty offering is a full, unlimited, twelve (12)-month warranty for all Black Box-provided hardware, software, firmware, and workmanship. This includes any emergency replenishment, routine repair & return parts, and ETAS services.

Remote Support, Maintenance, and Alarm Monitoring

Through our NOC/ETAS services, Black Box Remote Monitoring (RMON) continuously recognizes system faults and alarms and automatically notifies technical assistance staff as they occur. Our highly-trained technicians and engineers are ready to remotely diagnose problems and assist in problem resolution. RMON is also available as a separate service.

Repair and Return/Replacement

Black Box provides repair and routine or emergency replacement/replenishment services, including spare parts, from our Amherst, VA Depot Center. Routine replacement items will operate the same as new items, where the customer receives the replacement part within 20 days of receipt of the faulty part with an average turnaround time of 5 calendar days. Emergency replacement parts are delivered within 24 hours. R/R is also available as a separate service.

ETAS Services and On-Site Emergency Field Support

Provided from our fully-staffed Network Operations Center (NOC) in Amherst, VA and worldwide field offices, our technical assistance help desk is available 24x7x365 for remote diagnostics, testing, trouble shooting, problem remediation, system restoration services, remote software releases/patch administration, remote programming, and remote engineering support. Additionally, the Black Box DSN NOC, located in Virginia, is integrated into the Black Box operations group and backed up by geographically disparate and redundant NOCs in Minneapolis, MN and Houston, TX. Remote support, maintenance, and alarm monitoring is also available with ETAS services (description shown under Extended Service Plans).

On-Site Emergency Field Support

Within 3 hours of notification 24x7x365, Black Box provides on-site emergency field support by a certified technician at no additional cost for repair activities that cannot be conducted remotely as part of our ESP offering.


Black Box offers a mixture of On-the-Job Training (OJT), Computer-Based Training (CBT), and off-site classroom training to satisfy customer training requirements.