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People are more connected to their devices than ever before, so much so that they’ve come to expect outstanding digital experiences wherever they go, including the buildings where they work, shop, and do business. To meet those expectations, your company’s buildings must sense, respond, and adapt to the humans within by offering them meaningful and customized interactions.

To do that, IT departments must design, deploy, and manage a complex, smart ecosystem of cabling, networked sensors, devices, and applications. These separate components combine to form the building’s central nervous system, responsible for delivering digital experiences consistently across multiple locations.


Enhancing the Connected Experience

Black Box provides customized design, deployment, and management of connected building solutions that create consistent end-user experiences at every location. With these, a user can even opt for the needed capacity, all while solving the device deployment challenges inherent in a digital world. Clients choose Black Box as their digital transformation partner to reduce project costs by more than 40%, bringing the retrofitting time from years to a few months and yielding top-notch results at every location worldwide.

The Connected Experience

Find out how to create the foundation of the connected building and transform user experiences in this eBook.

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Top Technologies

Discover how connected buildings can enhance security, increase efficiencies, automate operations, and personalize workplace interactions.

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Building the Foundation

A smartly planned connected building can enable digital transformation and enhance the user experience now and for years to come.

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Managing the Connected Buildings Experience

We offer a comprehensive range of professional, field, and support services that simplify the complexities of IT, including enabling IoT, installing structured cabling, staffing data centers, and deploying global multisite solutions as part of our smart building consulting services. Whether you need assistance with upgrading and managing existing connected building infrastructure at a single site or across thousands of sites, our broad portfolio of services can help you achieve your goals.

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    Structured Cabling

    The backbone of a connected building and structured cabling must be engineered for reliable communications and future growth. Whether a company is upgrading its existing infrastructure or building a new site from scratch, the goal is the same: Create a flexible cabling system that supports users, devices, and applications for years to come.

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    Audio Visual

    The next generation of conference rooms is about real-time, dynamic communication for all participants — whether they’re attending physically or virtually. This includes modern collaboration spaces like large conference rooms, huddle spaces, and digital signage for innovative communications and advertising.

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    Deployment  of IoT Devices 

    One of the biggest challenges IT department members face is how to rapidly install and test hundreds or thousands of IoT devices throughout a building while minimizing business interruption and maximizing savings. A collaborative partnership with a service delivery partner is often paramount to successful design, deployment, and management.

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    Global Multisite Deployments

    Whether a company’s deployment involves one, tens, hundreds, or even thousands of sites, locally and/or globally, deployment must be timely and repeatable — and meet the same high standards. Working with one managed service provider ensures the same quality and consistency across all locations.

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Black Box Connected Buildings Partners

By collaborating with Black Box, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders who provide smart office solutions built on foundational technologies. These technologies are designed for smart building infrastructure to connect buildings with networks, devices, and people within, ultimately facilitating meaningful interactions and experiences that drive digital transformation.

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From the ground floor up, learn how to deploy the foundational technology that enables a digital experience in the connected building.

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Why Black Box?

Our dedicated team of technical experts will help you lay the foundation for the connected building experience. As your trusted partner and leader in connected building technologies, from wireless to infrastructure, we will help you design, deploy, and manage the right solution to transform your building and empower the people in it.

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