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DKM Compact KVM Extender Receiver - High-Speed Single-Link DVI-D, (2) USB HID, (4) USB 2.0, Fiber

Use these extender units with your DKM switching system and extend high-quality digital graphics, USB peripherals, audio, and serial up to 10 km away.

Artículo Nº:  Compact KVM Extender Receiver - High-Speed Single-Link DVI-D, (2) USB HID, (4) USB 2.0, Fiber


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Product Features

  • For use with ServSwitch DKM, DKM FX and DKM FXC digital cross point switching system.
  • Distances of up to 140m over CATx, 800m over multi-mode and 10km over single-mode.
  • Video resolution of 2048 x 1152 @ 60 Hz.
  • 24Bit color depth.
  • Single- or dual-head DVI-D plus options for VGA sources.
  • Optional fibre DVI high-speed models with 2.5 Gbps of video bandwidth for demanding applications.
  • USB HID keyboard/mouse interface with True USB Emulation supporting extended functions.
  • Options for analog and digital audio, serial and USB 2.0.
  • Local monitoring with separate splitter cable.
  • Compact housings in a space saving design.


Use these extender units with our digital cross-point KVM Switching System, ServSwitch DKM, DKM FX, or DKM FXC. Now you can have KVM control with high-resolution digital graphics wherever you need it! The Compact DKM KVM Extenders allows you to extend DVI-D single-, or dual- head video, VGA sources as well as USB keyboard and mouse at resolutions of up to 2048 x 1152 @ 60 Hz.

Excellent DVI-D Video Quality
Thanks to the digital transmission of the video signal without any losses in the quality, images are as sharp as if they were directly attached to the workstations. The enhanced video compression algorithms support 24-bit color depth for smooth color gradients up to resolutions of 2048 x 1152 @ 60Hz over the full distance. Even interlaced digital video such as 1080i is now supported. For even more demanding video applications, choose a high-speed DVI-D version with 2.5 Gbps video bandwidth.

The CATx DKM Compact Extender Units transmit the signals up to 140 meters over CAT5e/6/7 cable The fiber versions are suitable for signal extensions over multi-mode and single-mode cables. Use multi-mode for distances up to 800 meters over 50/125 micron cable resp. 400 meters over 62.5/125 micron cable or use single-mode to send crisp, clear, high-resolution video up to 10 kilometers away!

RS232/V.24 and Audio
The models with serial and audio transmit these data along with the video signals. With analog audio support, you may transmit acoustic alarms from your server or music in CD quality. As it is bi-directional audio support, you may also attach a microphone to send audio back to your workstation. For an even better sound choose or new digital audio models. The transparent RS232/V.24 transmission (6 wires) with up to 19.2Kbps allows you to connect touch screens, graphic tablets as well as other serial equipment to your system.

The Compact DKM KVM Extenders support two or four USB HID ports for keyboard and mouse and equal HIDs. True USB emulation allows you to attach a wide variety of feature-rich USB keyboards and mouse with the full support of their extended functions

Transparent USB 2.0
DKM Compact Extenders with transparent USB 2.0 support allow the connection of all types of USB 2.0 devices (without restriction). Use ACX1T/R-13-C/SM for USB 2.0 data transfer with high-speed USB up to 480 Mbps. Each USB 2.0 port provides a maximum current of 500 mA (high power). Use these models to expand your system with up to four USB 2.0 devices like scanners, hard disks, memory sticks, printers, or others at the remote end of your system. ACX1T/R14-C/SM supports two embedded full-speed USB 2.0 ports up to 36Mbps. Use this model to extend SL DVI, full-speed USB 2.0, Audio, and serial data over a single cable!

Multiple DVI-D Video Heads
The Compact DKM KVM Extenders are available in Single- or Dual-Head versions. Choose the dual video models when you have multi-video applications: you will save both space and money.

Analoge Video Formats
Besides the DVI-D channels, you may expand your system also with VGA sources. The VGA video option is fully down and up scalable up to 1920 x 1200. Using the included remote control scaling becomes easy at both ends of the extension.

Local Monitoring
The optional DKM Video Splitter cable (ACXSPL12) provides you with a connection for a local DVI-D display. If you want to connect also a local keyboard and mouse your O/S must support multiple keyboards and mice.

19" and DIN-rail mounting options
These extenders are also ideal for 19" rack or DIN-rail mounting. Please order the corresponding kits separately.

Integration with DKM switching system
The DKM compact extenders perfectly work together with the ServSwitch DKM FX Switching System (ServSwitch DKM FX and ServSwitch DKM FXC). Please order a transmitter unit for each CPU or server you like to integrate into your DKM switching system. To connect a user console to your DKM switch, a receiver is required. The DKM Compact Extender is also available as extender kits for point-to-point extensions, that require no management and signal routing.

Whichever model is right for your application, you can be sure that our highly effective compression algorithms will deliver great quality graphics with smooth picture movement. The DKM KVM Extenders can be used in a variety of applications: digital signs, touch screens, POS, industry, food production, or even airports. It can also be used for applications where you need to separate your computer from your user station but still need perfect video quality.

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