Do I Need an Intelligent Retail Space?

Your brick-and-mortar retail shop is doing just fine. But, you’re constantly hearing a nagging question in the back of your head: Do I need to jump on the digital transformation bandwagon to deliver a Intelligent Retail Space for my customers?

In almost all cases, the short answer to that little voice should be YES!

Creating an Intelligent Retail Space is the best way to compete with both other stores in your area, as well as the ever-increasing popularity of online sellers. It’s a meaningful change that is essential if you want to assure that you draw in new shoppers and retain established, loyal customers for life. It’s also a vital component for remaining nimble with consistently changing trends.

A digital transformation starts with a solid network infrastructure that can deliver in-store navigation, shopper personalization, efficient checkout and detailed analytics. By embracing the Intelligent Retail Space can deliver:

  • The ultimate consumer experience: Sales are increased and costs are lowered as digital and mobile customers gain the benefits of both the digital and physical buying experiences.By combining the ease of shopping that online sellers tout, customers can enjoy the hands-on experience of browsing in a true physical space. An Intelligent Retail Space offers more touch points needed to improve loyalty through personalized marketing and through rich, in-store buying experiences.
  • Seamless and fast deployments: By setting up the infrastructure for an Intelligent Retail Space, you position your business for the type of changes that are constantly reshaping the retail landscape. If there is a new popular way to deliver e-coupons, for example, having the right technology foundation makes you agile enough to move quickly in delivering these new applications consistently across every single store across the nation. In addition, if you’re expanding your geographic footprint by opening new stores, you benefit from having already laid your digital blueprint.
  • Business results: The better you can read your customers, the better positioned you are to envision, and then meet, their retail desires. Nearly every element of the Intelligent Retail Space allows you to capture just the right type of data to measure performance and reduce complexity, which drives business and operational success.

Black Box is the perfect company to collaborate with on this digital journey. With more than 40 years of experience, Black Box has 2,300 technical staff with 4,300 certifications, who are prepared to implement solutions in the retail spaces across the globe. To date, Black Box has already created Intelligent Retail Spaces for three of the six largest retailers in America. So, perhaps, the question isn’t whether you need an Intelligent Retail Space, but when should you get started?

For more information on Black Box’s Retail industry solutions, click here.

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