Greatly reduce the cost of digital video distribution

Installers and end users looking for an economical way to distribute and scale 1080p video content across a wall of tiled screens, look no further. The MediaCento™ IPX Multicast  extension system multicasts HDMI video and audio to up to 256 screens on a network. Even better, it can optionally be used to output source video on video walls, so you can easily project video content on a larger scale to create visually stunning video displays.

Integration is easy and receivers install directly into your existingLAN infrastructure. You can greatly reduce the cost of video distribution as there's no need to run expensive dedicated video links from a back room to displays in lobbies. A single transmitter can deliver multimedia to hundreds of displays.

The system uses visually lossless compression technology, packetizing signals so source content can be delivered anywhere you have Ethernet wiring. Simply plug in as many receivers as you need for your remote screens, and use a standard Gigabit network switch with IGMP to control the multicast traffic.

This IP streaming solution transmits up to 328 feet (100 m) per link, but goes even longer with additional network switches added to the mix, and because it is based on standardized Ethernet protocols, you can even use media converters and run several miles over fiber optic cabling. Plus, it transmits signals digitally from end to end, so digital content is never compromised, and is HDCP compliant for streaming Blu-ray content. What’s more, the system supports bidirectional serial connections for use with interactive touchscreens.

In addition to digital signage, the system can be used to distribute high-quality medical imaging video across a hospital campus to a matrix of screens, as well as to stream video to banks of displays in training or simulation rooms.

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