KVM Extension and AV Data Visualization Technology Optimize ATC Operations

Black Box Air Traffic Control Centers and Airport network applications solutions include KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) and Professional AV products that direct the flow of air traffic securely and efficiently. With these solutions, you can streamline operations, leverage central management, and optimize your workforce.

Our solutions are ideal for:

  • Centralized network monitoring, multi-networked device configuration, preventive monitoring, and event reporting to minimize downtime and enable a faster response to mission-critical events
  • Redundant and fallback systems for predictive maintenance
  • Full and instant access to remote computers and video sources to be able to work without computers present at the air traffic and airport control centers
  • Controlling multiple computers to help improve workspace ergonomics, reducing desktop clutter, noise, and heat
  • Multi-user collaborative workflows, connecting multiple operators to multiple computers with real-time, pixel-perfect video performance

Optimize Traffic, Passenger Information, & Baggage Handling

In airports, air/ground traffic monitoring, passenger information & digital signage, & baggage handling must run flawlessly. ATCs can access multiple computers through a single set of keyboard/video/mouse in the control room. Digital signage displays convey real-time flight departures & arrivals to passengers. KVM streamlines screening, unloading, sorting, storing, transporting, & loading baggage.

ATC_Instant Real Time Remote Access to Aviation Control Systems
Instant Real-Time Remote Access to Aviation Control Systems

Access computers remotely up to 80 kilometers away from the ATC tower.

ATC_Display ATC Video and  Runway Footage
Display ATC Video
and Runway Footage

Forward camera footage digitally from the ATC control tower to an ATC center to display on video walls. Combine image monitoring with radar displays, navigation, flight plans, and weather information.

ATC_Access Remote and Distributed Computers
Access Remote
and Distributed Computers

Removing heat, noise, CPU, and cables from the operator workspace, KVM systems ensure access to computers and meet precise requirements for safety, redundancy, efficiency, productivity and cooling.

ATC_Event Driven Visualization

Video recording and streaming with lossless compression provides accuracy and dependability for ATCs, training & simulation, and command & control environments.

ATC_Automatic Air Traffic Surveillance
Air Traffic Surveillance

Tracks traffic via satellite navigation by ATCs and pilots without the need for conventional radar. Surveillance information includes an aircraft's identification, altitude, velocity, and heading.

ATC_Optimizes Reaction Time and Workflows
Optimizes Reaction Time
and Workflows

Creating an ergonomic environment, using only one set of mouse and keyboard, operators can access all computers from one console, increasing situational awareness and streamlining workflows.

ATC_Passenger Information and Digital Signage
Airport Passenger Information
& Digital Signage

Real-time location-based information, such as flight arrival times, changes to service, delays or service stoppage, and corporate information, improves passengers' experiences.

ATC_Digital Signage Advertising
Airport Digital Signage

Distribute and display video data on several digital signage displays through a centralized content management system, delivering real-time promotional advertising to passengers.

ATC_Baggage Handling

In a crowded baggage handling control room, maintain error-free baggage processing while keeping noisy and heat-emitting computers removed from the baggage room to a secure server room.

ATC_Security and Predictive Maintenance
ATC Security
and Predictive Maintenance

Secure redundancy and fallback systems with comprehensive, preventative monitoring in case of a component failure, providing for maximum uptime (24/7) and high availability of all critical systems.

ATC_Centralized Control
Centralized Control

Achieve accurate take-off time predictions to enable network managers to calculate network demand for better ATFM slot allocation, improved compliance and a reduced number of missed slots.

ATC_Collaborative Decision Making

Distributes large volumes of critical flight and safety information directly to controller user consoles for quick analysis and instant reaction time.


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