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Power and protect your IT investment.

Get complete power control with power solutions from Black Box, including power management, protection, and opto-isolation.

Black Box Power Distribution (PDUs)
Manage power with basic, switched, outlet-managed, and metered PDUs.
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Protect your vital IT equipment and data with reliable backup power.
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Data-Line Surge Protection
Safeguard your systems against damaging currents with surge suppressors.
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Stop ground loops and surges from wreaking havoc on your IT equipment.
Power Cords
Indoor/outdoor, North American, international, and NEMA-rated power cords.
Power Adapters
Plug in and power up when you travel internationally.

Black Box products can be conveniently purchased through a broad range of qualified distributors and resellers located around the globe

Black Box Explains...     
Sizing a UPS
The power delivered by a UPS is usually expressed both in volt-amps (VA) and watts.
Black Box Explains...     
Why You Should Consider a UPS
Downtime is unacceptable and often costly.
Black Box Explains...     
SurgeArrest and power strips
The difference between the SurgeArrest and power strips It says UL® listed, so it must be okay, right? Don’t be fooled.