Power Solutions

Power and protect your entire IT environment

Black Box’s full line of power solutions gives you complete control over the power in your IT and building infrastructure. Overcome inconsistent power, outages and surges with our opto-isolators, PDUs, surge protectors and more.

Protect mission-critical IT equipment from damaging ground loops and electric surges with our wide range of solutions.
Black Box Power Distribution (PDUs)
Get complete control of power with basic, switched, outlet-managed and metered PDUs.
Power Adapters
Ensure you’re always able to power all of your devices regardless of your location.
Power Cords
Choose from indoor/outdoor, North American, international, NEMA-rated and heavy duty power cords in a variety of colors and lengths.
Power Strips
Distribute power safely, quickly and easily to a multitude of different devices.
Surge Protectors
Plug all of your equipment and devices into one central location and protect against damaging power surges.
Safeguard your servers and provide runtime for extended operation during power outages.
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