Wireless solutions.

Wireless gives you a cost-effective, convenient, and flexible method for extending your Ethernet network, particularly in difficult environments or over long distances.

Wireless networking is well suited for a variety of markets and applications including:

  • Enterprise and small networks.
  • Manufacturing and industrial environments.
  • Oil and gas operations.
  • Security and surveillance.
  • Public safety.
  • Government, including defense.
  • Transportation and traffic control.
  • Public utilities.
  • Education, finance, healthcare, retail, and hospitality.

networking, wireless antennas


Omni- and directional antennas designed for all types of wireless networks, indoors and outdoors

networking, antenna cables

Antenna Cables

High-performance, low-loss cables for connecting base stations and antenna runs.

networking, antenna accessories

Antenna Accessories

Prevent power surges from remote devices from traveling back to your Ethernet network.

networking, extenders


Set up point-to-point or point-to-multipoint networks up to 15 miles apart.

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