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Our commitment to excellence and innovation goes beyond just technology – it's about understanding your unique business goals and tailoring solutions that exceed your expectations. That commitment is the DNA that forms our GPS design philosophy.
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Black Box's partnership with Hammer is strongly dedicated to crafting, implementing, sustaining, and testing state-of-the-art customer experience technologies. We're experts at helping businesses improve their customer journeys, even the most complex ones.

Choose Your Path to CX Excellence

Boost your customer experience and achieve remarkable business results with our market-leading Hammer solution portfolio, powered by Black Box services.


Exceed Customer expectations with Self-Service Platform and TaaS Services

Revamp your customer journey with Black Box and Hammer, experts in IVR and contact center technology. Validate capacity, ensuring peak performance and uptime while proactively monitoring at-home agent connections for top-tier CX.

Choose DIY testing for control with our cloud-based platform, or opt for Managed Services to let us handle performance testing and analysis. This partnership helps you reduce costs, drive growth, and optimize your customer journey. Take the leap and unlock exceptional customer experiences today with Black Box and Hammer.


Embrace AI-driven Solutions of Hammer and Black Box to Chart Your Success

Now you can confidently implement technology changes by pre-empting problems and ensuring real-world performance. Black Box, in collaboration with Hammer, brings you the expertise you need to navigate the complexities of modern customer journeys.

Transform your customer experience with our testing solutions, create a testing center of excellence, provide insights into the entire customer journey, and more. Overcome the challenges of a hybrid communication environment with Black Box and Hammer.


Stay Ahead of DORA Compliance with Hammer & Black Box

As the financial sector faces increasing regulatory demands, staying compliant is more critical than ever. The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) sets new standards for operational resilience and cybersecurity.

Watch an insightful webinar from Hammer and Black Box, and discover how our partnership equips your organization to meet these challenges head-on. Learn from experts as we delve into testing the operational resilience of your ICT systems and building robust testing frameworks tailored to the needs of the financial sector.

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Why Hammer and Black Box?

Hammer's Automated CX Testing platforms are a smart way for businesses to improve their customer experiences. It's a versatile solution that's available in self-service or managed options, and Black Box Solutions Architects can help you determine which option will benefit you. Hammer's Automated CX Testing empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences by making them more reliable, efficient, and responsive. By using Hammer's automated solutions, Black Box experts can help you boost your customer experience metrics and achieve excellence. Our partnership with Hammer offers a cutting-edge approach to customer engagement that seamlessly blends innovation and reliability for consistently exceptional results. With us, you can unlock a pathway to optimizing your customer experience and achieving remarkable business outcomes.

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