Impact of DORA on Financial Institutions and ICT Providers

The introduction of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) in the European Union marks a significant escalation in the demand for financial entities to strengthen their operational frameworks. For more than 22,000 banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and ICT service providers, the urgency for compliance stems not only from the approaching deadline of January 17, 2025, but also from the increasing sophistication of cyber threats and the critical nature of digital services in this sector.

This regulation compels the financial sector to rigorously enhance resilience practices, ensuring robust capabilities to withstand, respond to, and recover from operational disruptions — safeguarding service integrity and client data security in the process.

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DORA Compliance: Navigating Mandated Testing Requirements

Watch an insightful webinar from Hammer and Black Box, designed to help you prepare for the DORA Act. Learn from experts as we delve into testing the operational resilience of your ICT systems and building robust testing frameworks tailored to the needs of the financial sector.

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How to Become DORA Compliant

Achieving DORA compliance necessitates a comprehensive strategy encompassing ICT risk management, incident management, resilience testing, and managing third-party ICT risks. Hammer and Black Box provide a suite of services designed to not only meet but exceed these requirements, ensuring financial institutions can navigate the path to compliance with confidence and precision.

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  • ComplianceTesting

    Automated Compliance & Resilience Testing

    Hammer's automated testing encompasses compliance verification, disaster recovery, and performance testing, simulating real-life scenarios to ensure systems meet regulatory standards and maintain operational resilience.

  • IncidentReporting

    Real-Time Incident Reporting & Management

    Enhance operational continuity with real-time monitoring and incident management, swiftly identifying and addressing incidents to reduce downtime and secure data integrity.

  • QualityAssurance

    Performance Optimization & Quality Assurance

    Optimize system performance through comprehensive testing and quality assurance, including load and stress testing, to ensure peak efficiency and adherence to SLAs.

  • Security_red

    Security and Third-Party Service Monitoring

    Get extensive security analytics and visibility into third-party services, offering proactive issue detection and continuous compliance monitoring to safeguard against vulnerabilities.

  • GlobalIntegration

    Global Integration and Consistent Excellence

    Black Box upgrades the partnership with Hammer to include global integration capabilities, providing unified compliance solutions and operational excellence across borders, guaranteeing consistent high-quality service worldwide.

Why Hammer and Black Box?

Hammer and Black Box emerge as key partners for entities navigating the complexities of DORA compliance. By leveraging advanced testing methodologies and comprehensive risk management strategies, the partnership ensures that financial institutions and ICT service providers not only meet but exceed the regulatory requirements set forth by DORA.

This unique position enables Hammer and Black Box to deliver comprehensive, across-the-board solutions that not only meet immediate DORA compliance requirements, but also anticipate future challenges, ensuring long-term operational resilience and excellence.

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