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DKM FX Modular KVM Extender Housing Chassis - (2) Front-Mounted Internal PSUs, 6-Slot

Flexibility in KVM extension.

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Product Features

  • Part of the DKM HD Video and Peripheral Matrix Switch System of transmitter and receiver interface cards and housings.
  • Supports (6) transmitter or receiver cards.
  • Includes (2) built-in internal power supplies Backplane support allows seamless installation/swapping of cards without powering off the chassis.
  • Power connectors on front.


The DKM HD Video and Peripheral Matrix Switch System is comprised of modular housing chassis with 2, 4, 6, or 21 slots and transmitter and receiver interface cards. The DKM extender setup provides the widest range of possible combinations, which makes it easy to customize for your specific application. These new DKM components are part of a modular system. You will need to contact Black Box to have them assembled to fit your application. To configure your DKM HD Video and Peripheral Matrix Switch setup, call our FREE Tech Support.

  • Four housings are available: desktop housing for two, four, or six boards or a 19-inch, 4U rack for 21 boards.
  • A redundant power supply option is available in some housings.
  • The 6-port chassis has an internal AC/DC power supply and an external power supply option.
  • Can be rackmounted with ACXMODHEAR6-FPAC.
  • The 6-slot housing will accept up to (6) modular cards in a 19" rack mount chassis for the DKM and has built-in 5-VDC, 10-Amp power supplies.

  • Tech Specs

    Approvals FCC, UL, CE, TUV, RoHS2, WEEE, CSA
    Connectors (2) IEC320 main power Inputs, (6) onboard connectors to interface with transmitter/receiver cards
    Dimensions 1.7"H x 17.5"W x 10.6"D (4.3 x 44.5 x 26.9 cm)
    Distance (Maximum) Between TX and RX:400 ft. (140 m) using solid conductor CATx cable; 200 ft. (700 m) using stranded conductor CATx cable; 32,800 ft. (10,000 m) using single-mode 9-µm fiber cable; 3280 ft. (1000 m) using multimode 50–µm (OM3) cable; 1300 ft. (400 m) using multimode 50–µm cable; 650 ft (200 m) using multimode 62.5–µm cable
    Environmental Operating Humidity: 80%, noncondensing
    Heat Dissipation 170.5 BTU/hr.
    Indicators (2) Power LEDs: (1) red (no power input), (1) green (power is present)
    MTBF 400,000 hours
    Operating Temperature 41 to 113°F (5 to 45°C);
    Power Input: 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.3 A; Output: 5-VDC, 10 A, 50 W
    Weight 5.5 lb. (2.5 kg)
    Product Includes:
  • (1) 6-Port DKM Modular Card Chasis with redundant power option and backplane
  • (1) removal tool for cards
  • (2) U.S. power cords
  • (1) CD-ROM with user manual
  • Questions? Contact our FREE Tech Support.

    This product works with:
    Product works with: DKM HD Video and Peripheral Matrix Switches DKM HD Video and Peripheral Matrix Switch Compact Extenders DKM Modular Cards (transmitters and receivers) This product does not work with older rack mount kits (ACXMODH-RMK OR ACXMODHEAR6). You must use the ACXMODHEAR6-FPAC mounting kit.

    * Technical specification weight is the unit weight. It is not the packaged shipping weight. For shipping weight, please contact Black Box customer service at 877-877-2269.



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