Signcraft teamed up with Black Box to deliver a customized digital signage solution for SkyBus

Product: iCOMPEL

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Established in 1971, Signcraft partners with businesses to create brand presence. Through consultation, expert advice and constant market connection, Signcraft provides dynamic branding solutions to ensure their clients' unique spaces create value for their business and meaning to their customers.

Black Box Australia has worked with Signcraft in the past, providing digital signage solutions for multi-site clients across various industries. As a result of their past success, Signcraft approached Black Box to develop a digital solution for their client SkyBus, who had the vision to enhance the travel experience for their passengers.

About the Project

In April 2016, SkyBus opened a new Airport Gateway from Southern Cross Station. The Airport Gateway promotes an increased frequency of services, greater comfort and improved connectivity for airport-bound and arriving passengers. So when the SkyBus was looking for ways to increase the efficiency of its operations and enhance passenger experiences, they partnered with visual brand implementation specialist, Signcraft, to create both its branding and digital signage for the Southern Cross main terminal foyer and bus lanes.

In addition to creating a presence for the SkyBus brand and developing a comprehensive wayfinding solution, Signcraft needed to provide real-time travel information to passengers that would assist in better managing their travel activities.

The objective to meet this vision was to develop a digital display at Southern Cross Station that captured up-to-date flight information, directly from Melbourne Airport's changing schedules.

This multiple content requirement included:

  • arrivals and departures
  • relevant service updates
  • directional information
  • location-centric emergency alerts
  • corporate advertising and targeted promotions


It was imperative for Signcraft to find a total solution that would work seamlessly with the existing SkyBus IT infrastructure, the data provided through Melbourne Airport, as well as the architecture of the station itself.

The key challenges facing the Signcraft Project Management Team included the ability to:

  • Configure a custom resolution for the LED display
  • Capture and alternately display 2 live video feeds (Melbourne Airport arrivals and departures)
  • Onsite production support and consultation
  • Expert advice on content management and distribution
  • To meet these needs and deliver the best possible solution to SkyBus, Signcraft deployed iCOMPEL, an award-winning digital signage platform from Black Box


Strategically positioned in the main terminal foyer, this impressive 7m x 1.8m LED screen is in direct line of sight to all commuters with expanded dwell time. iCOMPEL was able to provide a pixel by pixel fit to give a perfect, high-quality result. All in one solution, iCOMPEL with dual HD capture, was able to incorporate advertisements, a directional map and public alerts whilst still being able to accept, format and display both arrival and departure flight information from Melbourne Airport.

The iCOMPEL has the valuable ability to maintain and update content by way of a real-time web interface which can be accessed by any authorized user across the SkyBus network. This means SkyBus has complete control of the solution and its content, whether coming from a third party or developed locally. As part of the package, Black Box provided onsite training and technical advice to both Signcraft and SkyBus during the tender process as well as field support during commissioning. In addition, Black Box offers lifetime product support to keep the iCOMPEL running now and far into the future.


The successful delivery of this project has resulted in a product that will provide assistance to millions of people over years to come. 

"Black Box provides a comprehensive digital signage platform will enable us to upgrade the product over time. Our engineers developed a way to send information to the digital signage display from 2 separate sources of data, comprehending various technologies, content sources, and a screen layout, with the aim of truly enhancing the SkyBus brand." – Signcraft team 

"At Black Box, we are constantly exploring new ways to enhance our digital signage solution with innovative technologies to build brand equities for our customers. We understand the value of establishing long-term relationships and we wish to thank Signcraft for offering us this exciting opportunity. Our digital signage solution proved its value in conveying arrival and departure information and helping SkyBus passengers find their way." - Sudhir Kumar, Account Manager, Black Box Australia.