National Healthcare System

Project: Digital signage

Major benefit: Improved visitor and patient information system

Major challenge: Regional rollout

Product: iCOMPEL Digital Signage

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The background

Chris Petteruti is a technology department manager at one of the nation's largest not-for-profit health plans, serving more than 8.7 million members. The healthcare provider includes healthcare plans, hospitals, and medical groups. He manages a group that supports electronic medical records in two medical centers and seven outpatient clinics in his region. He is charged with working with the doctors and the IT department to improve services through technology and innovation.

The company's patient and visitor information system consisted of slides run in a continuous loop on TVs in the waiting rooms. Mr. Petteruti felt there had to be a better way. That's when he started researching digital signage, which led him to iCOMPEL™, Black Box's digital signage system.

Searching for the right system

Mr. Petteruti threw himself into the search for the right digital signage system. He also consulted with company peers in different geographic regions. One of his peers was using a system from another company. For consistency within the organization, Mr. Petteruti brought in the same system for a month-long trial. At the end of the trial, he sent the system back. "I felt it was clumsy and not intuitive," he explained.

He continued his research and selected six different systems to test, including Black Box's iCOMPEL. George Borden, Black Box National Digital Signage Sales Manager, set up an online demo so Mr. Petteruti could see how iCOMPEL worked.

Being on the business side of the company rather than in the IT department, Mr. Petteruti made sure the IT department was involved in the demos, particularly in terms of network utilization and security.

In the end, he decided to go with iCOMPEL. "At first I was unsure about selecting any one company because of my lack of knowledge in this area. But after doing research and working with different systems, I recommended iCOMPEL. After seeing a demo, my superiors were impressed with the system and confident with my decision to go with iCOMPEL."

Setting up iCOMPEL with FREE Tech Support

Mr. Petteruti chose to use one medical office building for his iCOMPEL pilot program. He ordered eight iCOMPEL units for the different waiting rooms, such as pediatrics, family medicine, health education, etc.

"I set up a steering committee to vet the content for iCOMPEL," Mr. Petteruti explained. "It's composed of representatives from different departments, such as public affairs, IT, local facility leadership, health education, etc. We meet and discuss what information should be presented on the units. After that, I'm responsible for setting up the system and for creating the content."

"Although I read through the training materials and online documentation, I needed assistance," Mr. Petteruti said, describing his experience in setting up the system. He called Black Box's 24/7 FREE Tech Support.

"First, I was rather impressed with the non-existent wait time but even more impressed with the service, patience, and professionalism I received. The tech stayed on the phone with me until my issue was resolved. As long as there are people like [the techs] in your company and intuitive products that work, I will be recommending Black Box!"

Going national

Response from patients and employees to iCOMPEL has been positive.

"Our members like the system," said Mr. Petteruti. "So far, we've put slide presentations on it and have run videos, such as a relaxation video, which members really enjoyed."

The system has been so popular, Mr. Petteruti wants to roll out the program regionally within the company.

"I had George do a demo for leaders in other regions. Everyone was impressed with how simple it is to use," said Mr. Petteruti. "A regional steering committee is being formed to discuss using this in other parts of the company."

To roll out regionally, Mr. Petteruti plans to standardize content and templates. He also wants to add different zones that can be customized for the different hospitals and medical centers.