Diagnostic Laboratory

Project: Modular automation

Major challenges: Streamlining technical equipment, increasing productivity

Product: ServSwitch Octet

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An international provider of diagnostic testing systems for hospitals and large laboratories wanted to help its customers reduce costs and improve their productivity. One targeted improvement was giving technicians working in the lab the ability to monitor different instruments from one workstation instead of physically moving from station to station.

The new system used by the technicians had to require little or no training and be unobtrusive, easily expandable, and versatile enough to use in different lab configurations. Other requirements included the number of test stations and lab size.

The solution

To solve the problem, the company called the ServSwitch Central™ Team at Black Box, and our techs worked with the customer to evaluate the system challenges.

Because the labs typically had one PC for each test station, Black Box suggested a ServSwitch™ solution that would enable a technician to access all the instruments from one test station instead of moving between multiple test stations.

Additionally, lab administrators could easily monitor the status of all the equipment to be sure profits weren’t being lost in downtime.

Many tests were run with different ServSwitch KVM switch and cable types. The solution that worked best was the ServSwitch Octet™. This system features an advanced on-screen display, enables plug-and-play system expansion, and runs on unshielded twisted-pair cable, which keeps cable bundles to a minimum.

The ServSwitch Octet also expands distance limits to 200 feet—which made it perfect for a lab containing stations and test equipment spaced far apart.

We successfully implemented the ServSwitch Octet system, and now technicians can read results from any connected instrument with just a key command instead of getting up and changing stations. This has increased productivity and improved the work environment.