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Black Box Explains…Fiber Ethernet adapters vs. media converters

When running fiber to the desktop, you have two choices for making the connection from the fiber to a PC: a fiber Ethernet adapter or a media converter like our Micro Mini Media Converter.

Fiber Ethernet adapters:
•Less expensive.
•Create no desktop clutter, but the PC must be opened.
•Powered from the PC—require no separate power provision.
•Require an open PCI or PCI-E slot in the PC.
•Can create driver issues that must be resolved.
•May be required in high-security installations that require a 100% fiber link to the desktop.

Media converters:
•More expensive.
•No need to open the PC but can create a cluttered look.
•Powered from an AC outlet or a PC’s USB port.
•Don’t require an open slot in the PC.
•Plug-and-play installation—totally transparent to data, so there are no driver problems; install in seconds.
•The short copper link from media converter to PC may be a security vulnerability.