Radian Video Wall Processor

The Radian™ video wall processor is an advanced visualization platform that improves situational awareness in control rooms, command centers, situation rooms, and mission-critical operations centers. The canvas eliminates boundaries with custom layout configurations, drags-and-drops content from hundreds of video sources, and resizes windows in real-time with an intuitive graphical user interface.

Expand your audience by distributing video, including 4K and H.264, to as many as 64 UHD video walls simultaneously managed by several users through one Radian video wall processor.  With superior reliability, Radian is ideal for 24/7 mission-critical environments because of its system redundancy. Radian clearly provides the best value for extremely flexible high-end video wall processing.
Each Radian Video Wall Processor is configured and tested to your exact specs. Contact one of our application engineers at 1-877-877-2269 (BBOX) to determine the best configuration for your application.

Features & Benefits

radian unlimited windows icon

Unlimited Windows

Fill the canvas with an unlimited number of multi-sized windows

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Digital display walls from hundreds of content sources on up to 64 screens.

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Video Formats

Component, composite, DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, IP, SDI, VGA, and 4K input.

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IP Streaming

Decode and display hundreds of H.264 and VNC video streams 

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Multiple Users and Walls

One or many can control local and remote multi-screen video walls

radian drag drop icon


Drag, drop, resize, and scale video wall content anywhere on the canvas

radian 4K uhd support icon

4K UHD Support

UHD and 4K60 input via DisplayPort and 4K (3840 x 2160) I/O

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Advanced Control

Built-in API for external control of wall display. Easily control inputs, outputs, and video wall displays with Active Directory and LDAP

Radian Chassis

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Endless Layout Configurations

 radian multi-window image


Create, drag and drop windows anywhere.

 radian big picture image


Display one image across all screens.

 radian any size anywhere image


Mix and match windows of different size on one video wall.

radian multi-streaming image


Display one video input in many different views

Multiple Video Wall Applications

radian multiple video wall  diagram


radian video wall, chassis


Radian Video Wall Controller systems can integrate many types of video and data sources for varied display configurations determined by the chassis. 

input cards, radian video wall

Input Cards

Choose from a wide range of capture cards for multiple formats and applications, including high- and standard-def video, audio, and video streaming.   

output cards, radian video wall

Output Cards

Each card supports up to four outputs in 1080p or two outputs in 4K. Choose from standard cards or cards with DVI or HDMI adapters.        

radian video wall, software


Set up, configure, and control your video wall, including position of elements, with this Windows®-based program, which can also be used remotely.      

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