Octet KVM Switches

Superior switching, multiple platforms, and extra long distances.
When you need to link a large number of users over CATx solid UTP cable to a variety of PS/2, USB, Sun, or serial RS-232/V.24 servers up to 300 meters away, take a look at the Octet KVM switches. On top of excellent server management, these data center KVM switches give you superior security.

These keyboard, video, mouse switches enable 4, 8, or 16 users to access 16, 32, 42, or 64 CPUs. Just choose the appropriate Server Access Module (SAM): PS/2, USB, serial RS-232/V.24, or Sun HD15.

octet transmitter image

For each server, choose one Server Access Module (SAM): PS/2, USB, serial RS-232, and Sun.

octet receiver image

For each user station, choose one receiver: basic, with enhanced video, or USB with serial/audio support.

octet kvm switch

Choose from a number of switches: 4 users x 16 CPUs, 4 users x 42 CPUs, 8 users x 32 CPUs, and 16 users x 64 CPUs.