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Serial Patch Cables

Choose from one of the largest selections of terminated serial cable in the industry. Use to extend connections to serial and legacy equipment. 

Flat Ribbon Cable
Ideal for “tight fits,” this cable slips behind desks and cubicles. Choose from DB or specialty connectors.

Interface/Extension Cable
Extend DB connections from 2 feet up to 200 feet away. Choose from unshielded cables and shielded cables with repinnable, EMI/RFI hoods.

Modem & Printer Cable
Connect legacy equipment to async modems or DCE devices.

Null Modem Cable
Make DB9 and DB25 connections between RS-232 equipment. 

Printer Cable
Make DB9 and DB25 legacy serial printer connections. 

Transfer data between RS-232 equipment with DB9 and DB25 cables.

Tail-Circuit Cable
V.35 cable is cross-pinned for DCE-to-DTE connections. M50 cable is straight pinned.

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