Plan Smart: Learn How Black Box Can Help You Futureproof Your Data Center

Whether you are building your data center from the ground up, or just adding a few components, Black Box offers ideal product solutions.

In an existing Data Center, KVM switches and other equipment from various manufacturers are often found around the cabinets. Different systems require different access methods and are rarely compatible with each other. We can bring these systems together under a single point of access, providing unified control of all servers independent of manufacturer. These solutions can provide remote as well as local access, and provide an excellent way to create a new, or update an existing, data center infrastructure.

Data Center Optimization

Data Center Optimization Benefits

Gain complete control of your data center with our flexible, standards-compliant, affordable product solutions to maximize performance. Manage the data center locally or remotely. Choose from a broad range of KVM switches, console servers, cabinets, racks, environmental monitoring devices, power and cooling management solutions, cables, and more.

Complete Control
Complete Control

Manage your data center with a KVM switch; monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity with AlertWerks; and cool your data center cabinets with efficient cooling solutions.

Highly Flexible
Highly Flexible

Connect point-to-point, intra-rack, and rack-to-rack high-speed networking equipment. A DKM KVM switch presents a flexible high-end matrix switching solution for large or small data centers.

Standards Compliance
Standards Compliance

Meets Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Industry Standards and complies with CE and FCC.

Affordable Price-10
Affordable Price

DACs and AOCs feature an all-in-one cable design that makes installation a breeze. An AOC is about half the cost of a single transceiver.

Premium Performance-11
Premium Performance

DACs and AOCs provide error-free ultra-high-bandwidth performance for data, storage, high-performance computing (HPC), and more.

EMI_RFI Protection and Fire-Safe Jacketing-12
EMI/RFI Protection and Fire-Safe Jacketing

Copper cable is fully shielded for protection against EMI/RFI interference. Optical cabling provides high EMI/RFI immunity. Low-smoke, zero-halogen jacket meets fire protection regulations.

Power Effecient Design-13
Power Efficient Design

Components consume low power. Power savings result in cost savings. The devices also operate with low latency to ensure all data signals arrive at the same time.

Remote Maintenance-14
Remote Maintenance

Choose a console server to effectively manage the data center remotely from anywhere across the globe.

Cabinet and Rack Options-15
Cabinet and Rack Options

Store and protect the switches, cables, power sources, and other components inside the data cabinet.


Keep your data center equipment secure in a locked data cabinet. In some cases, you may want to use an open data rack instead of a cabinet. Protect your data center equipment from errant environmental conditions with AlertWerks. Temperature, humidity, water, power, and other sensors alert you when something stops operating properly.

Solution Diagrams

Various Black Box technology product solutions can help you optimize your data center operation. Choose from Direct Attach Cables (DACs), Active Optical Cables (AOCs), AlertWerks environmental monitoring hubs and sensors, and more. Here, two of those solutions (DACs and AlertWerks) are illustrated in detail.


Use Direct Attach Cables to connect devices point-to-point within and between data cabinets.


Alertwerks Diagram_New-02-02

Deploy AlertWerks to keep tabs on temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors within the data center.


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