Glide and Switch: Simplifying Your Workspace with a KM Switch

If you are like me, you have to use multiple computer systems at your desk almost on a daily basis. One of the annoying things about this is each computer requires its own keyboard and mouse. So, if you have three computers, that means you also have three keyboards and three mice on your desk to control everything, which creates a very inefficient workspace. How can you use a keyboard and mouse switch to create an extended desktop for workspace optimization?

Suppose you could have just one keyboard and one mouse on your desk that allow you to control all three of your systems? How about up to eight systems? And what if you could use that one single mouse to seamlessly scroll from one computer to the next as if it was one single computer using an extended desktop? Glide-and-Switch technology can give you all of this functionality and more. With Glide-and-Switch, you can switch between your Mac®, Linux®, and Windows® computers. Being able to switch between multiple computer systems is a test engineer's dream. It's also great for gamers who need to multiclient on several computers and have no latency when switching.

Here's how Glide-and-Switch works for keyboard and mouse sharing between computers: Each computer system is connected to a common USB switch with a USB cable, and your keyboard and mouse plugs into that same switch. When you move your mouse around your screens, the switch will change computer ports automatically when the mouse pointer has gone over the screen edge of one system to the next. If you use Windows-based systems, you can support multiple monitors on each target computer, sometimes up to eight video heads per system. The Windows OS will require an ABS (Absolute Mouse) driver for these systems with multiple monitors. The ABS driver will allow the mouse to go from screen to screen through the keyboard and mouse switch.

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Glide and Switch Technology:

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Garrett Swindell

Garrett Swindell

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Garrett Swindell has 20+ years’ experience programming, implementing server to client communications, and designing intricate control system. As a product engineer, his primary focus is developing connections between users and computers/servers though the use of hardware and software. Garrett assist local and international projects from start to finish with compliance regulations and performing product compliance testing with recognized test houses.


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