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Wizard Multimedia Extender LP

Simplify HD signage setup with this USB-line powered, CATx-based VGA extender.

Artículo Nº:  Multimedia Extender LP


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Product Features

  • USB line powered. Great for video in areas short on outlets.
  • Power from the host PC or a digital signage player with a USB port.
  • Transmits full HD 1080p video as far as 500 feet (152.4 m).


  • Includes a compact, simple-to-install transmitter and receiver.
  • Save by using CATx cable already installed in your building - no expensive, hard-to-handle VGA cabling needed.
  • Fully supports Display Data Channel (DDC) communications via standard stored settings or by emulation.
  • Video adjustment on a remote unit for controlling image sharpness on the display.

The Wizard Multimedia LP enables you to simplify the infrastructure required for video-only digital signage extension.

First of all, it's USB line powered. With no bulky power transformer to the plugin, you can reduce clutter locally at the source and remotely at the display. The Wizard Multimedia Extender LP takes its power directly from a USB interface and extends that power over the link used for video, transmitting low-voltage power via a spare wiring pair to the receiver. This makes it great for digital signage in areas without abundant power outlets. It's also safer (in K - 12 school settings, for example).

Another benefit is it uses CAT5 or higher cabling for video extension. You can use non-networked copper runs already installed in your building (shielded, foil twisted-pair [FTP] cable recommended). It eliminates the need for expensive and difficult-to-terminate VGA cables without sacrificing video quality for economy.

HD video performance.
Even at its maximum distance of 500 feet (152.4 m), the Wizard Multimedia Extender LP supports the transmission of full HD 1080p video on its analog VGA connectors.

The extender also features skew adjustment on the receiver for optimizing video display sharpness. Adjust a screw to get a high-contrast image and reduce shadowing on your image. (NOTE: For cable runs greater than 164 ft. [50 m], low-skew cable may also be required to prevent video color distortion.)

Easy to install
As a plug-and-play hardware solution, the Wizard Multimedia LP includes both a transmitter and receiver and there's no special software to install.

Setting it up is as simple as:

  • Plugging the transmitter's VGA and USB leads into your host computer or player.
  • Attaching the interconnecting CATx cable to the transmitter's RJ-45 port.
  • Plugging the remote unit's VGA cable lead into the remote screen's video input.
  • And attaching the receiver to the other end of the CATx link cable.

If necessary, you can also adjust remote video for any possible skew over longer cable runs.

Advanced DDC protocol support.
For optimum video card to display communications, the Wizard Multimedia LP transmitter holds a number of Display Data Channel (DDC) standards that are suitable for most display types. If your display's resolution and characteristics aren't found, you can temporarily connect the transmitter to the display to emulate and store the necessary DDC information in the unit.

Especif. técnicas

Product works with:
  • CAT6 Shielded 400-MHz Solid Bulk Cable (STP), 24 AWG, 4-Pair, PVC, 1000-ft. (304.8-m), Blue (EVNSL0601A-1000)
  • Optional Power Supply (AVU4001A-PS)

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