While the intelligent control room is fairly new, control rooms have been around for a more than a century. Today, we are just one step away from the next evolution of control room technology. The control room of 30 years ago was staffed by 20 people, today it is just two or three persons.

An intelligent control room knows when the next hard-disk fails or when any fan in any device might fail in the near future. Intelligent control rooms give you the data you need for predictive maintenance. KVM technology leverages redundancy concepts, but if the main circuit that supports the redundant components in your control room already failed, this is a moot point. An intelligent control room knows about it and alerts responsible service staff.

Intelligent control rooms can track usage, such as power, and utilization. This can help you make the right decision for future investments. Intelligent control rooms can also monitor the wellbeing of your environment. An intelligent control room can automatically adjust windows, heating, air conditioning, doors, and shutters, while taking air quality into account.

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  • The history of control rooms and timeline for evolution
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Eliminating downtime while optimizing energy levels
  • Tracking power usage
  • Tools for optimum environmental control and monitoring
  • Saving costs and energy
  • Planning for the future
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