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Secure KVM Peripheral Isolator, NIAP 3.0 Certified - Single-Monitor, DVI-I, USB, CAC

Secure KVM switches protect against cyber intrusion and meet the strict requirements of the latest NIAP Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Devices version 3.0.

Item #:  KVM Peripheral Isolator, NIAP 3.0 Certified - Single-Monitor, DVI-I, USB, CAC


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Product Features

  • Tested and certified to NIAP Protection Profile version 3.0
  • Anti-tampering protection such as tamper evident hologram seals, chassis intrusion, fixed firmware and automatic keyboard data clearing
  • Absolute secure and isolation between data paths
  • Secure EDID learning and emulation
  • Resolutions up to UHD 4K or 2560x1600
  • Advanced and fully configurable CAC option available
  • Supports balanced speaker outputs and switching


The Black Box Secure KVM Peripheral Defender, NIAP 3.0, DVI-I, Audio, USB, CAC is designed to prevent data leakage between secure and unsecure systems through shared peripherals connections. The Peripheral Isolator offers a reliable way to protect vulnerable peripherals shared by classified or secure networks and prevents threats from connections with unauthorized or untrusted peripheral devices. The device also safeguards critical data from accidental transfers, unauthorized access, or compromised data. This is perfect for any organization that handles sensitive or confidential data on separate computer networks.

Use the Secure KVM Peripheral Defender to lock down and prevent data leakage between classified and unsecure computers through a shared peripheral device. The isolator blocks the direct connection between the host PC or laptop and a peripheral device exposed to security threats, such as a printer, projector, speaker or any other peripheral device that shares access with a classified computer or network and ensures that video, USB, and audio data flow only from the computer to the peripheral - with no access to other classified or sensitive networks. This single direction data transmission provides complete isolation of the secure computer, preventing all kinds of intruder attempts via cyber hacking, eavesdropping, or device re-tasking.

Install the isolator between your peripheral and computer by connecting the video, keyboard, mouse, and audio port of the computer to the isolator inputs as well as the DVI, keyboard, mouse or audio ports of your peripheral device. By doing this the computer and peripherals are completely isolated from each other.

Why Secure KVM
Connecting peripherals such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers to a PC introduces potential data leakage and hacking risks. Secure KVM Switches are designed for use in any application where sensitive data must be protected, including defense, government agencies, and intelligence. Secure KVM Switches from Black Box are NIAP PP 3.0 certified and equipped with the highest security features that meet today’s Information Assurance safe control standards. The switches contain unique hardware configurations that prevent data leakage between PCs and connected peripherals eliminating potential cyber threats.

Tech Specs

Product Includes:
  • (1) NIAP 3.0 Secure 1-Port DVI-I Defender, CAC
  • (1) 12-VDC Power Supply with Power Cord
  • Quick Start Guide

Product works with:
  • DVI KVM Cable (SKVMCBL-DVI-06)

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