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HDMCS II Managed Media Converter Chassis - 20-Slot, Rackmount, Dual AC Power

Use this 20-slot chassis for media converter modules. Then add an SNMP module for management.

Item #:  Managed Media Converter Chassis - 20-Slot, Rackmount, Dual AC Power


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Product Features

  • Fully manageable with full platform control when used with the SNMP Management Module.
  • Compatible with a number of modules: copper-to-fiber, fiber-to-fiber, single-strand, and others.
  • Thermostatically-controlled cooling fans keep chassis from becoming overheated and causing downtime.
  • Dual redundant internal 100-240VAC power supplies


  • Compatible with a number of modules: copper-to-fiber, fiber-to-fiber, single-strand, VDSL, and others!
  • Dual cooling fans are easily field replaceable.
  • Dual AC power supplies for redundancy.
  • "Last gasp" feature alerts you if one of the power supplies fails.
  • The Black Box High-Density Media Converter System II Chassis makes it easy to consolidate multiple media converters in a single platform at a central point in your application. This 3U Rackmount chassis accommodates 20 media-converter modules plus an SNMP management module. Dual AC power supplies provide redundancy, if one power supply fails, the other keeps the chassis up and running. Power supplies are user-replaceable and hot-swappable. The spare AC power supply part number is LMC5240A. The High-Density Media Converter System II system supports a wide array of hot-swappable modules for converting copper to fiber, extending vDSL links, controlling bandwidth, and more. All modules offer easy installation, you just slide them in until seated firmly against the chassis backplane and tighten a screw. Manageability This managed chassis model requires an optional SNMP Management Module (LMC5200A) to become fully manageable. The SNMP Management Module features a 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX twisted-pair port for connection to your LAN and enables both module and chassis management. Once connected to your network, a chassis can even be assigned its own IP address. The software included with the SNMP Management Module enables you to configure and manage your chassis and its connections. Through the user-friendly IView interface, you can manage the chassis' modules and any intelligent networking devices on virtually any 32-bit Windows system. The GUI features device control panels, gives you detailed conversion port information, presents statistical information as charts, and more! And because the management module includes SNMP MIBs for support of industry-standard SNMP, you can monitor chassis temperature and voltage levels, diagnose network problems, and set up SNMP traps to alert you to potential network failures to lessen any potential downtime. You can even set a SNMP write-lock switch to protect the configurations of your installed modules from being accidentally overwritten. For out-of-band management, connect a console to the SNMP module's RS-232 port. The managed system uses DCHP, includes a TFTP client, and supports Telnet. Order unmanaged chassis for remote sites. We also offer compact desktop chassis models that you can use as remote units that communicate with the larger High-Density Media Converter System II Chassis located at a central office. Available with 1- or 2 slots, the desktop chassis can also be used in pairs if you don't require any SNMP management capabilities in your application. The 1-slot models hold one module and are powered by either an autosensing 115–240-VAC power supply or a combination AC/DC power supply that supports operation in environments with extremes in temperature. The AC/DC model also has a clip for mounting it on a DIN rail. The 2-slot models feature a small footprint, house two converter modules, and come with an AC or a DC power supply. To save desktop space, use the optional brackets to mount your chassis in a rack or on a wall. You can also order a Rackmount Shelf, which enables you to install up to three unmanaged chassis in a standard rack. For assistance specifying your complete High-Density Media Converter System II, contact our FREE Tech Support.

    Tech Specs

    Product works with:
  • High-Density Media Converter System II Layer 1 Modules
  • High-Density Media Converter System II Layer 2 Modules
  • High-Density Media Converter System II Fiber Mode Conversion/Repeater Modules
  • High-Density Media Converter System II VDSL Modules
  • High-Density Media Converter System II T1/E1/J1 Modules
  • High-Density Media Converter System II DS3/E3/STS-1 Modules

  • * Technical specification weight is the unit weight. It is not the packaged shipping weight. For shipping weight, please contact Black Box customer service at 1-877-877-2269.



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