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Use more cost effective and structured cabling techniques with video baluns. The baluns enable you to replace traditional coax cable with CATx and other forms of twisted pair wire in video installations.

Choose from our wide variety of baluns for video, audio, and serial signals.


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TAA Compliance


Mini CAT5 VGA Receiver


Easily add additional receivers to your video displays.

VGA Source Balun, Male


Use CAT5 cable instead of VGA cable for your long video runs.

VGA Display Balun


Use CAT5 cable instead of VGA cable for your long video runs.

VGA Display Balun, Male


Use CAT5 cable instead of VGA cable for your long video runs.

Surface Balun Mount


Hardware for mounting a square balun flat on a surface.

Video-Only Balun


Run video over inexpensive twisted-pair cable with this BNC balun.

Video/Stereo Audio Balun


Transmit Composite baseband video and audio signals across CAT3 or higher UTP cable.

RGB Video Balun


Use inexpensive CAT5 UTP cable to transmit RGB video.

CCTV Balun with RCA Connector


Eliminate bulky coax cable in CCTV applications.

Video PTZ Balun


This balun puts CCTV video and PTZ control signals on UTP!

CCTV Passthrough Video Balun


Transmits power and PTZ control signals over CAT5 cable.

Audio Baluns (Analog and Digital), Analog


Extend analog or digital audio over inexpensive CAT5 cable.

Audio Balun - Digital


Extend digital audio over inexpensive CAT5 cable.

Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Balun


Extend your Hi-Fi analog audio over inexpensive twisted-pair cable.

Component Video/Analog Audio Balun, Female


Use CAT5 cable to make HDTV video and analog audio extensions easier.

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I called our Tech Support with a question concerning a setup for prototpye we are working on. I was amazed with the knowledge and helpful nature of the person I spoke with. Thanks for your help. I'll be calling back.

Christopher Darling
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