Transforming the Way We Work and Collaborate

With hybrid work schedules becoming the norm, the nature of work is rapidly changing. Our way of communication and collaboration has shifted to a dynamic, people-centered experience where team members can participate virtually from any location and device. To collaborate in these work environments, all team members now possess voice equipment enabled by the latest collaboration and communication tools.

It is crucial to recognize the importance of securing your voice platforms in this evolving and reimagined hybrid landscape. Black Box offers you secure voice analysis and the optimal blend of technology to help you reimagine your workplace and cultivate an innovative hybrid environment, all while ensuring the security of your voice platforms.

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Collaborative Digital Workplace Solutions

With the right hybrid workplace tools, you can transform the way your employees work and collaborate.

Legacy to Leadership

Technology can heighten your competitive advantage with streamlined, scalable, universal operations based in the cloud. Integrate only what you need, including smart, AI-driven capabilities in your digital workplace.

Hybrid Workplace

Remote employees need the same collaboration tools and user experience as their office-based team members. Building a hybrid workplace with work-from-anywhere capabilities enables your team members to collaborate on their terms.

Innovation and Platform Management

Moving to the cloud gives you a wealth of flexible, scalable, and robust capabilities. Moving with an IT advisor and service management frees your limited IT staff to focus on business needs instead of day-to-day platform management.

Leading Edge Tech: Smart Collaboration

Smart technology is transforming the way we meet, work, and collaborate. Enterprises that use leading-edge communications solutions serve as a foundation for the transformation to work from anywhere. They give users the tools they need to seamlessly and effortlessly make the most of the meeting and collaboration experience leading to better outcomes.

According to a 2020 PWC AI predictions survey, 35% of executives responded that automated tasks using AI are a priority. For example, AI converted speech-to-text transcripts and digital meeting assistants improve the efficiency of meetings and enable colleagues to share information in real-time.

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  • Speech Recognition

    For better meeting engagement, AI-technology recognizes speech and focuses on the speaker; delivers accurate transcripts; highlights action items; creates task lists; and stores transcripts in a knowledge base for future reference.

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    Machine Learning

    To create a more immersive, distraction-free meeting experience, integrated machine learning recognizes and suppresses background noises, such as sirens, building noises, and nearby conversations. Users leverage technology to improve human interactions.

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    Digital Assistants

    In-meeting digital assistants improve collaboration by enabling you to conceptualize ideas. The assistant helps participants join, takes meeting notes, shares contact information, and sends upcoming meeting invites.


Voice Readiness and Secure Voice Assessments for Enterprise UC/UCaaS Environments

It is crucial to assess the readiness and security of your voice infrastructure and the ability of your network to support expansion. Learn about the numerous benefits of undergoing a voice readiness assessment as well as a secure voice assessment for your enterprise UC/UCaaS deployment in this blog Embracing Success: Is your network ready for voice? Voice Readiness and Secure Voice Assessments for Enterprise UC/UCaaS Environments.

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Black Box Digital Workplace Partners

Transforming your work experience takes experience and the expertise to advise you on the best and most secure platform for your team and hybrid ecosystem. We’ll help you choose the right mix of technology and communications platform from our industry-leading partners to reimagine your workplace.

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Why Black Box?

Migrating to a new communications system can be a daunting task. Black Box engineers and solution architects make it easy. We help you define your digital workplace communications and hybrid collaboration transformation goals, including AV integration that makes working together more intuitive and strong office-of-one security protection. As a leader in UC&C — with a robust portfolio of solutions from best-in-class partners and a dedicated global team — Black Box can help you determine the consumption model that works best for you and aligns with your business drivers.

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