Connectivity from the data center to the desktop, and beyond.

For performance designed to last the lifetime of your cabling system, choose Black Box. You'll get high-performance copper and fiber cabling solutions for structured cabling systems, data centers, industrial environments, multimedia systems, datacomm connections, and more, including custom cables.

Cables for your AV, multimedia, and digital signage connections.
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Fiber cable for backbone, data center, and desktop connections.
CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A Ethernet cable for LAN, data center, desktop, and AV connections.
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Connect serial devices, computers, and datacom equipment.
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Retractable Cable
Make PBX telco, T1, and Token Ring connections.
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Make USB 2.0 and 3.0 connections.
SCSI Cable
Make legacy PBX, T1, SCSI, token ring, IEEE 488, and other legacy cable connections. 
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Extend voice connections with these 25- and 50-pair bulk and trunk telco-connector cables.

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Cables for the latest CATV, CTV, and security systems, as well as legacy network connections

Black Box products can be conveniently purchased through a broad range of qualified distributors and resellers located around the globe

Black Box Explains...     
Shielded vs. Unshielded Cable
The environment determines whether cable should be shielded or unshielded

After checking the quality of some lower-priced cable, I’m definitely sticking with the Black Box brand. After inspecting and testing a competitor’s [cable], I decided to discard it without using it. Too risky based on my examination of it.

Dan Latner