Advanced Serial Console Servers

Console servers give you an easy and affordable way to remotely monitor and manage your critical network infrastructure from the office, home, and the road. If a critical piece of equipment goes down, you can take care of it without getting in the car for a service call.

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Seamless Mobile Connectivity with CEL-FI by Nextivity

CEL-FI by Nextivity enhances in-building mobile coverage through intelligent outdoor signal amplification

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Pure Networking (LHC) Series Media Converters

Pure Networking media converters from Black Box offer affordable copper-to-fiber conversion for Fast Ethernet, Gigabit and even 10 Gigabit speeds, and support for PoE+.

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Industrial Media Converters 280 Series

The Black Box® LGC280A/LMC280A-series Industrial Media Converters provide consistent network performance in the harshest work environments on earth. Choose from Fast Ethernet (10/100BASE-T(X) to 100BASE-FX) and Gigabit (10/100/1000BASE-T(X) to 1000BASE-FX) models.

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