4K UHD KVM Desktop Switch (KV62-CBL)

With DisplayPort 1.2, The KV62-CBL Desktop KVM switch supports today's demanding resolutions at up to 4K at 60Hz and also supports up to 1080 at 120Hz refresh rates. Switch between two DisplayPort equipped computers with ease only using a single DisplayPort monitor. The KVM switch features a Quick Change wired switch button that lets you instantly switch between the two computers.

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What are Secure KVM Switches?

Employees entrusted with confidential data are often stuck with multiple consoles connected to multiple systems and peripheral devices. This setup is inefficient, requiring significant investments in office space, furniture, and multiple consoles, and it still doesn't guarantee full protection.

That's why Secure KVM switches are essential for any organization prioritizing data security, privacy, and the protection of sensitive information across various sectors. With these switches, organizations can better protect customer privacy, prevent data breaches, aid in compliance, and safeguard valuable information.

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Secure KVM Defender Explained

In modern KVM networks, multiple user consoles connect to multiple servers and virtual machines, allowing efficient control for multiple operators. However, this setup can expose secure servers to various attack scenarios, including threats via video and audio channels and USB devices like flash drives. Additionally, switching processes may cause data leakage due to data crosstalk.

The Black Box® Secure KVM Defender isolates data channels from USB devices and screens, enhancing device and workspace security. Acting as a hardware firewall, it ensures that data channels from secure servers remain isolated from non-secure ones.

Key Benefits:

  • NIAP 4.0 military-grade security
  • Full isolation of classified and unclassified systems
  • Easy integration into any KVM system
  • Cost-efficient prevention of data breaches
  • Available with DisplayPort™, DVI, or HDMI™ video ports

The Black Box Secure KVM Defender is your solution for secure workplaces, adding an extra layer of security against peripheral device exploitations.

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Sharing Virtual Machines with Emerald® GE Gateway

This video delves into the advancements in control room operations with the introduction of the Black Box® Emerald® GE Gateway. Learn how this innovative solution overcomes the limitations of virtual machines, enabling multiple operators to access and share virtual machines simultaneously. Discover the seamless and secure user experience provided by the Emerald GE Gateway and its integration with existing KVM infrastructures and Boxilla® KVM Manager.

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