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The Challenge

A Seattle hospital asked an international leader in medical and safety technology to create nurses’ stations with computers that would provide caregivers with remote access to in-room patient monitoring devices. These stations were required on a floor of the hospital where nurses needed to be able to review patient vitals without going from room to room. To enable remote access to patient monitoring devices, the tech company needed a high-performance KVM extension solution. The KVM system had to support signal distribution over IP so it could be set up and run on the hospital’s existing network. The system also had to be able to extend signals to each patient monitoring device on this floor of the hospital and support HD video so nurses could accurately monitor vitals.

The medical technology company contacted Black Box for help because we have a strong relationship with them and have provided them with KVM and video extension solutions in the past.

The Solution

Black Box suggested the Emerald® SE KVM-over-IP system because it can work over the hospital’s IP network. Emerald SE supports Full HD DVI video (1920 x 1200) that provides a clear on-screen picture as well. Additionally, SE can extend KVM signals as far as the network reaches, ensuring signals could extend from each nurses’ station to each in-room patient monitoring device without any issues or interruptions.


The medical and safety technology company was thrilled with the solution we recommended and decided to move forward with it. The company installed the Emerald SE KVM system at the hospital, and Black Box provided technical support throughout the entire process to ensure deployment went perfectly.

After installing the Emerald SE KVM extension solution, this floor of the hospital now has nurses’ stations with computers that provide remote access to in-room patient monitoring devices. These computers allow care providers to review vitals without going to each patient’s room, which has enhanced productivity, optimized patient care, and improved patient safety. Emerald’s KVM-over-IP support enables the entire system to run over the hospital’s IP network flawlessly, ensuring no errors occur that could potentially affect patients. Emerald’s ability to extend KVM signals across the complete IP network allows the system to extend signals from every nursing station to every monitoring device reliably. The solution’s support of HD video gives care providers the high-resolution image they need to monitor patient vitals with ease.

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