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In an R&D laboratory of a leading semiconductor company, scientists often work at unusual times when the office is otherwise empty. Because the lab is a secured environment, managers need to know who is inside the lab, and when they are there. The lab wanted to implement a worker safety solution that would address these challenges. Their wish list for a solution includes:

  • Real-time location of the scientist inside the lab, panic button for emergency
  • Alerts for prolonged “No Movement” and “Accidental Fall Down”


The BBX VISIBLE IoT Platform proved to be the preferred solution that can protect working scientists’ safety in the lab. It offers:

  • Acquisition of real time data from wireless BLE based ID cards and wearable devices using gateways connected to BBX VISIBLE
  • BBX-VISIBLE platform to display data in real time dashboard on movement and location of people inside the lab
  • Determining who exactly is inside the lab and if the person is working, moving, or has been in a single position for a very long time
  • Provide safety and security of the working scientists inside the lab, with remote monitoring from anywhere, anytime


Now scientists and managers alike can rest easy knowing that their workplace is secure and their workers are protected from untoward safety incidents. BBX Visible delivers:

  • Intuitive and Intelligent Dashboard to monitor the indoor location real time
  • Real-time alerts for any accidental fall down or prolonged no movement
  • Improved security and safety of the scientists working at odd hours, with remote management on cloud
  • Remote & Wireless RTLS system
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