The Top 10 Blogs: 2022 Edition

A big thank you to all our readers over the past year. Here’s a list, in descending order, of the ten blogs read the most in 2022. Keep on reading, and let us know what topics you’d like to see in 2023. Moreover, if you liked what you read, please share it.

1. The Evolution of 802.11: Wi-Fi Standards Explained.

Are you confused about all those wireless standards? You’re not alone. This tutorial will decipher the alphabet soup of the Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) standards, describe how they have evolved over the years, detail what they mean in terms of speeds and feeds, and, more importantly, what is the difference between Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5? Read More.

2. Good EX Makes Great CX: 3 Steps to Agent Retention

If CX was stressful before the pandemic, it has since gone through the roof. Consider this: 96% of CX agents feel acute stress at least once a week. One in three agents is thinking about leaving their jobs. See what you can do to make front-line CX agents feel appreciated. Read More.

3. 911: From Where's the Fire to Wherever You Are

911 is vital in any complete UCaaS, PBX, or MLTS rollout and must be considered from many angles. Learn the brief history of one of the most underappreciated and taken-for-granted public safety resources. Read More.

4. Know Your Data Center Types

Between 2018 and 2020, more data was created than in all the years previous, combined. As that rate continues to increase, so too does the need for modern data centers. Choosing the right data center type for your business is the first step. See what type is best for you. Read More.

5. Is AVaaS the Holy Grail…

…Or just another step in the value of collaborative technology? Audio Visual as a Service gives you flexible technologies in a powerful 360-degree service wrap and a predictable monthly payment. See the five invaluable features that make AVaaS so appealing. Read More:

6. Why and When Should We Embrace IoT through LTE?

Private LTE is the enabler of IoT in every sense. Imagine multiple systems running alongside each other but still being able to touch every other system. That's what IoT was intended to be all along. See why in this last of a three-part series of posts on IoT. Read More.

7. The Data Center Technician Solution — In-House BICSI Certification

Global IT managers know that adding massive data centers worldwide requires thousands of technicians. The sheer volume of work and the global shortage of skilled workers can be significant stressors for hyperscale IT managers. Black Box has developed a better way forward. Read More.

8. 7 Trends in Post-COVID AV and How It Is Shaping the Hybrid Workplace

How are organizations preparing for the hybrid workplace? One word: collaboration. How are company leaders intentionally promoting innovation? Two letters: AV. Here are seven technologies that are transforming the workplace. Read more.

9. The Role of Contact Center for an Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer experience is critical to exceeding your customers’ expectations. Learn how new contact center platforms drive more interaction with end customers through easy-to-use and intuitive technologies. Read More.

10. What is SD-WAN and Why Is It So Important?

These days there's a lot of buzz about SD-WAN for a good reason. The SD-WAN market is thriving alongside the growth of edge computing and digital transformation. But what is it, and how will it affect you? Get the answers in part one of our posts on SD-WAN technology. Read More.

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