When Do You Need a Secure KVM Switch?

Does your office have a keyboard and mouse for every PC or monitor? Are you tired of all the clutter? Looking for a way to neaten up your workspace? Do you have a need for secure connections?

If you are in a military industry or other highly secure organization, end-user security is more important than ever. You can't risk compromising sensitive or classified information. With the recent exponential increase in security breaches, you need even more protection.

Most security threats are greatest at the user desktop. The more keyboards and mice you connect, the more vulnerable you are to hacks. What if you could reduce the number of user keyboards and mice that access your PCs?

Standard keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switches connect multiple users to multiple PCs or monitors. Secure KVM Switches incorporate multiple features to guarantee a complete separation of secure systems, such as SIPRnet and NIPRnet.

Many military customers still use multiple KVM sets and multiple desks to control different systems. Get back to the basics: optimize office space, save time, reduce the investment on multiple consoles, and conserve energy. Improve productivity and situational awareness. Guard your critical data with Secure KVM Switches.

A typical application is shown here:


Seeing is believing. Watch the video to learn about the latest Secure KVM Switches.

For technical details about Secure KVM, read our blogs and white paper:

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