The Gold Standard for Building a Security and Surveillance Network

The cloud, 5G, and Industry 4.0 are revolutionizing IP network services. Customers expect low latency, 100% reliability, and total security. Emerging trends include AI face detection and recognition and AI-powered video analytics such as intrusion detection, cross line detection, loitering detection, and more. Organizations are upgrading their surveillance systems to IP-based solutions, which offer many advantages compared to analog CCTV systems. Often installed in public parks, parking lots, train stations, downtown areas and high-crime neighborhoods, IP camera networks are also useful in manufacturing, transportation, oil and gas, defense, public utilities, and more.

5 Benefits of IP-Based Security and Surveillance Systems

Whether you are building a new or enhancing an existing surveillance system, IP offers many benefits over analog CCTV.

  1. Accessibility: Control via any web-enabled device, such as a cell phone.

  2. Superior Image Quality: IP-based systems support 4K resolutions and 10 Gbps or more speeds. Image quality does not degrade regardless of how far the data needs to travel.

  3. Automation and Event Scheduling: Events that trigger recording include motion, virtual trip wire, audio detection, and alarm tampering, as well as third-party applications such as heat mapping or people counting.

  4. Scalability: Grow your IP network based on your needs. Security cameras powered by Power over Ethernet save installation and cabling costs.

  5. Network Security:  IP-based solutions provide increased network security.

Implementing a Robust Security Network

Video surveillance systems enable quick responses to incidents, helping authorities identify individuals and vehicles, deterring crime, and allowing organizations to effectively allocate resources. IP technology delivers high-definition images, cost-effective deployments, gigabit or 10 Gbps speeds and beyond, resiliency, scalability, and remote accessibility.

In harsh outdoor conditions, Industrial Ethernet switches carry video, audio, and data feeds across long distances at high speeds without compromising image quality. With power redundancies and automatic failover protocols in a resilient ring topology, failover occurs within 30 milliseconds or less.

Reach for the gold standard: protect your premises with IP security. Choose Black Box networking switches, media converters, and power injectors. Contact us at 877-877-2269 or [email protected]

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