Technology that Enables You to Work from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing employees across the globe to work remote. Working from home full-time can be challenging for many different reasons. You have to develop – and follow – a new daily routine that allows you to get your work done. You no longer have direct contact with your managers or coworkers. You’re dealing with more distractions than usual, such as your children, pets, and all your electronic devices that you don’t have in the office. And, on top of all that, you no longer have in-person access to all of the technology that enables you to do your work. This is especially true if your job requires you to use different computers or devices in parallel. This is also the case if you work in an application where certain computers have a specific task to perform, such as operations control centers, laboratories, media production, traffic control centers, and more.

So how do you overcome not having access to all of the technology that allows you to get your job done? Read more to learn about IT solutions that can enable you to do any task from anywhere.

KVM Can Provide Remote Access to Computers

What do you do if you are at home and need to access computers at work to do critical tasks you cannot or are not allowed to do from your laptop?

In many cases, a network- or software-based solution is not sufficient because the available bandwidth runs out, the VPN connection does not guarantee sufficient transmission quality, or the connection is not reliable or secure enough. In these cases, KVM-over-IP products or IP-based terminal servers can be ideal. These technologies make secure, fast, and high-quality connections between users and servers, computers, or virtual machines located back in the workplace. This allows you to perform essential operations, process monitoring, and maintenance of IT equipment from anywhere.

The latest generation of KVM systems even provide a hybrid solution consisting of hardware-based connections between computers and users and software-based technology that can turn a Windows® 10 laptop into a KVM receiver in no time. These solutions are perfect for organizations that need to ensure that their critical systems and infrastructure can be monitored, controlled, and maintained even when technicians and operators cannot be on-site in the control room or server room.

Two Devices that Make Your Home Office More Efficient

With desktop KVM switches, you can control several computers or laptops with just one keyboard and mouse. In addition to keyboards and mice, other devices such as headphones, microphones, storage devices, or even graphics tablets can be connected to these switches without having to plug the USB cable in each time. Modern KVM switches also support multiple displays, various video interfaces (DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort), and high resolutions such as UHD 4K.

USB C docking stations ensure that there is always sufficient connectivity for your laptops and tablets. These products are especially useful if your laptop does not have enough ports for USB peripherals, or your laptop and external monitor do not have the same connectors. USB C docking stations, which are now very cost-effective, provide you with enough connections for all your peripheral devices at all times.

The Right Cables Make Reliable Connections

Your PC, AV, and network cabling affect the performance of your in-home technology. Insufficient, unshielded, or unnecessarily long cables can lead to transmission loss. Some cables do not support the bandwidth you need to make a high-speed internet connection. You need to ensure the cabling you use to connect all of your devices is high quality, uses the right shielding, and supports the bandwidth you need to get your job done effectively. And, if you need to use adapters or converters to make connections between new and legacy equipment, make certain they are high quality as well.

Unified Communications Are Critical

Unified communications platforms enable employee mobility and ensure availability, even when the office is no longer the center of everyday business. These systems allow you to call, chat, meet online, or exchange files quickly, whether from the office or from home. When choosing a unified communications platform, ensure the system you pick fully supports the communications needs of in-office and remote employees. Also, carefully plan the underlying infrastructure and the deployment for your entire workforce.

Unsure of What Technology You Need to Enable Your Remote Employees?

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