14 Reasons to Love Black Box’s Control Room Solutions

Love is all around when your control room has the latest visualization and signal management solutions from Black Box. Count on our expertise, participating in over 600 control rooms a year to deliver the high-tech command center your work demands. Here are 14 reasons Black Box and your control room are a perfect match.

  1. See the big picture.
    You need reliable control room technology that displays accurate data on-site and remotely. You also need access to your data in a safe, protected environment with enough flexibility to accommodate growth and change. Black Box helps you see the big picture so your control room, post-production center, TOC, or EOC is fully equipped for today and tomorrow.

  2. Choose from the most KVM solutions in the industry.
    With a host of enterprise KVM solutions designed for different applications, we can engineer a command and control center to your exact specifications.

  3. Enhance your collaboration and visualization.
    Black Box has the high-performance video processing you need to convert and scale video signals to single-screen or multi-screen display formats up to 4K. With video or data sources connected to the system, you can get customized video wall solutions that deliver high-resolution images to all displays in your control room.

  4. Find solutions for your destination.
    Mission-critical control rooms require technology that can go the distance 24/7. Black Box control room solutions and video wall controllers are ideal for defense, 911 call centers, emergency command centers, industrial control rooms, traffic management control rooms, the broadcasting industry and security operations centers.

  5. Access mission-critical applications and information from anywhere.
    Black Box technology allows you to remotely access your critical control rooms from anywhere. That means you can make better decisions with real-time data display and information sharing for multi-user and multi-site workflows.

  6. Share content anywhere, from any device.
    Black Box’s control room technology enables collaboration and sharing from any device—across the enterprise and into the field.

  7. Find a solution that works.
    You tell us your needs and we’ll use our deep technical expertise, wide support system and extensive portfolio to create a solution for you. We offer reliable routing, switching and extending of video and peripheral signals. Our products optimize your data visualization and enhance collaboration.

  8. Get KVM technology for all your environments from one company.
    Ask us about control room, data center or desktop KVM as well as KVM extenders for a range of industries.

  9. Pave the way for virtualization.
    Virtualization can help you improve workflow, share resources, facilitate remote employees and locate computers away from production environments. Digital KVM solutions from Black Box give you virtual access to your physical resources as well as newer virtual ones.

  10. Evolve AV and KVM system management.
    Combine our Boxilla and InvisaPC products for enterprise-level AV and KVM system management for an unlimited number of devices. This high-performance technology is easy to use, simplifies management of large-scale installations and enhances system security.

  11. Stay on the leading edge of AV/IT and KVM system management.
    Because Boxilla is a software solution, you can easily upgrade it as future releases add compatibility with other Black Box products that support control room, conference room and other AV/IT applications.

  12. Get on-site walkthroughs, surveys and training.
    Black Box KVM experts are available to visit your site, recommend solutions and provide on-site demos. We’ll install your system and train your team in person.

  13. Rely on world-class customer service.
    Black Box’s customer service department is so good it’s known as the “Center of Excellence.” Experience it for yourself and you’ll understand why.

  14. Get free tech support whenever you need it.
    Because your work happens around the clock, Black Box’s free tech support is available 24/7 to serve you. Contact our experts any time you need support for your control or security room.

Get together with Black Box this Valentine’s Day and all year long to find the right solution for your modern control room.
Browse our capabilities or contact us to get started.

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