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New Features and Improvements of the Emerald KVM-over-IP Ecosystem - December 2023


As our valued customer, we want you to know that we listen to your requirements and continuously develop our Emerald KVM over IP ecosystem further to meet your evolving needs. These enhancements are published and consolidated with our firmware releases. See what has been recently released and keep your Emerald system up-to-date for the best results.

Firmware Upgrades improving user experience on the Emerald TX/RX

  • Color-up your OSD

    Wondering what’s connected to what? Choose the new color-coded connection labels that clearly indicate your system in use/new target system and customize how the labels appear on your screen. (As of Firmware v6.7.0)

  • Secure USB-stick usage

    Cyber thieves may try to access your secure systems via an infected USB stick. Emerald receivers now also support encrypted USB sticks with USBr encrypted drive support conforming to the relevant FIPS 197 & FIPS 140-2 security standards. (As of Firmware v6.7.0)

  • Accelerate system switching through the OSD

    You need to react fast, so we made switching between systems and refreshing your screen faster! Switching and OSD refresh takes now less than a second. (As of Firmware v6.6.1)

  • Secure console access and power savings

    Take a timeout when needed. Use the inactivity timer per individual user station to prevent unauthorized console access and unnecessary power usage. (As of Firmware v6.6.1)

  • Additional keyboard layouts

    We speak your language. Belgium and Japanese keyboard layouts are now also supported, allowing all keys to function on the OSD, which is critical for passwords with special characters. (As of Firmware v6.6.1)

  • Advanced touchscreen control with absolute mouse in share mode

    Touch and go! Touchscreens can be used on the Emerald OSD with no drivers required. (As of Firmware v6.6.1)

  • Reduced latency

    Better video is here now! 4K lossless video is now supported with near-zero latency. (As of Firmware v6.6.1)


Firmware Upgrades improving user experience on the Emerald Remote App

  • More concurrent sessions

    Connect to more sources at the same time. Remote App users can connect simultaneously with nine (9) sources instead of four (4) connections.

  • Individual workspace arrangements

    Make your workspace work for you. Users can save the position and size of each connection window on their screen allowing more efficient and time-saving system control.

  • Shared audio support

    Did you hear that? Multiple Remote App users can now get both video and audio.


All features available as of Firmware 2.8.3

Firmware Upgrades improving the Emerald Management through the Boxilla KVM Manager

  • Color-coded menus

    Manage your system easily. Simplify the system management using individual connection labels. with or without color-coding.

  • Increased amount of 480-Mbps high-speed USB connections

    Add more USB connections. The maximum number of supported Emerald switchable USB 2.0 extenders (EMD100-USB) increased from 32 to 200.

  • Enhanced multi-site management

    Manage and control multiple worksites located anywhere on the globe with just one Boxilla. With NAT support, the Emerald systems can be managed over multiple locations, meaning that Boxilla can sit on one site and manage Emerald transmitters and receivers at satellite locations within a country or around the world.

  • System resilience

    Never lose your valuable data. Backup your Boxilla configuration to an external drive for improved disaster recovery. (As of Firmware 4.8.0)


Firmware Downloads

Note: Emerald Firmware upgrades are free. They include security upgrades and fixes of possible bugs. Firmware Upgrades are always needed if you add newly-introduced Emerald transmitter and receiver versions (for example Emerald DESKVUE). To upgrade your system, use the download links above that include the required release notes.

Our Emerald FREE Tech Support Experts will assist you with all questions upfront and during the system upgrades.

Our KVM experts are on standby to provide free assistance on firmware upgrades, and individual consultations on custom Emerald system enhancements. We highly recommend consulting with our experts to ensure a smooth system enhancement process. Onsite support is also available on demand or according to SLA agreements.


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