The Key to Ongoing Data Center Success - Service Beyond the Build

Data-driven and cloud-based services are growing exponentially, and the computer and networking technology supporting these operations are evolving daily. Once a new data center is up and running, it can be challenging to keep up with demand and keep pace with the latest changes while maintaining the highest level of safety, innovation, efficiency, and quality.

Let’s take a look at four key aspects of ensuring success beyond your data center build.

Solution Development and Program Management

While infrastructure planning, design, and build out clearly are critical phases in getting a large-scale data center up and running, solution development and program management remain vital after the build is complete to achieve required efficiencies and enable optimization across operations.

Optimization involves identifying more effective ways of managing fluctuating volumes and types of data, managing climate control and power usage to maintain energy efficiency, and employing new technologies to make the most of human resources, servers, and other physical infrastructure. Through ongoing solution development, data center remains agile enough to adapt to changing demands and leverage the latest technologies.

Installation and Integration of Technology Infrastructure

Beyond the build, it’s always necessary to maintain the data center technology infrastructure, and this work can include routine upkeep as well as further installation and integration of structured cabling (ISP/OSP), networking, distributed antenna systems, and building management and security systems. To validate that those systems function properly, you also need to implement testing, maintain as-built documentation, and keep warranties up to date.

RunOps and Day 2 Support and Maintenance

Bringing a data center to a fully operational state requires significant efforts and keeping operations humming along requires constant work as well. Monitoring and troubleshooting of networks and servers play a key role in guaranteeing reliability and preventing performance issues that can lead to larger problems. As infrastructure is modified — and often augmented to accommodate increasing demand — the work of maintaining infrastructure also includes equipment moves like re-cabling of existing equipment, changing existing cabinets and racks, de-commissioning servers, trunks, patches, ladders, and other equipment along with documenting of changes, making weekly rounds, and performing quality assurance.

Training & Certification Program

Ongoing training and certification of data center operations staff is essential to ensure that the cable systems are installed, certified, and commissioned to exceed internal quality standards as well as those of customers, manufacturers, and the greater industry. Ideally, staff should be trained not only by qualified in-house trainers, but also at authorized training facilities certified by BICSI to support your facility’s end-to-end technical and leadership needs. Moreover, with a continuous supply of well-trained, certified local and regional team members, you have nearly unlimited scalability in meeting demands.

Dedicated quality assurance and quality control programs complement this training, allowing you to guarantee the highest technical standards of craftsmanship. When safety and health-trained technicians are part of the data center team, they reinforce a safety-first approach while providing consistent and quality services.

Extending Your Data Center Success

How can you ensure the ongoing success of your data center operations beyond the build, from day-to-day operations to aspects such as building automation and wireless networking? The answer is - by partnering with a proven global IT services provider with experience building and managing data centers around the globe — and its own BICSI-certified training centers in Europe and the United States.

Learn more about how partnering with the Black Box team of global data center experts gives you a competitive advantage, enabling you to optimize data center operations, upskill and scale your team to address changing demand, and integrate and leverage new technologies to improve efficiency.

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