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Traditional contact centers and customer service technologies need a makeover. The current way of doing things doesn't meet customer expectations or demands. That's why it's important for organizations to implement new technologies and strategies to improve efficiency with current staffing levels, deliver customer satisfaction across multiple support channels, and reduce costs.

Black Box and Cognigy are working together to make contact centers more agile by combining Black Box's app development expertise with Cognigy's cutting-edge Conversational AI platform.

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Supercharge Your Contact Center Performance

Black Box can help you take your contact center performance to the next level and provide exceptional customer service. And we continue to assist our customers every day as technology rapidly evolves and adapts.

Our team of experts – starting with our world class sales and global solution architects – use the power of generative AI-based tools from Cognigy to develop customized applications that deliver a superior and personalized contact center experience.


Enhance Customer Experience with Conversational AI and Generative AI

Streamline customer interactions with intuitive Conversational IVR, elevate self-service through intelligent virtual agents, and provide real-time AI assistance to your agents. Experience the future of customer service with Cognigy.AI, the leader in Conversational AI and Generative AI technology. Our platform empowers businesses to exceed customer expectations with responsive and consistent service.

Leveraging Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Large Language Models like Chat GPT, we create truly human-like conversations that transform brand interactions. Benefit from rapid deployment, seamless integration, and personalized self-service. Transform your customer service with Cognigy.AI - your path to the future of CX.


Ensure Top-notch Customer Service with Generative AI and Conversational AI

Generative AI, the cutting-edge technology that can create multimedia content and enhance customer service, is poised to revolutionize the customer experience. With Generative AI, you can boost customer service efficiency, deliver empathetic and personalized support, and empower agents to handle complex tasks.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to drive contact center success and foster outstanding customer relationships.


Deliver Next Level Customer Service with Cognigy.AI and Black Box

Supercharge your contact center with Cognigy.AI and scale for ultimate customer satisfaction. With AI-driven capabilities, our team delivers high-quality support effortlessly. Cognigy.AI empowers business users and developers to create exceptional service experiences within your existing ecosystem, offering real-time translation and robust data security.

Join the AI revolution with Cognigy.AI and enhance your contact center's capabilities.

Why Black Box Global Solutions Integration and Cognigy.AI?

For companies looking for a reliable and efficient way to adapt to changing client needs, Cognigy.AI stands out as the best option. Its amazing features include allowing natural dialogues in over 100 languages, providing easy infrastructure integration with plug-and-play contact center connectivity, and facilitating system connection via pre-built CRM and backend connectors. Black Box's team of global solution architects is ready to help you use Cognigy.AI technology to create the CX journey that will truly resonate with your target market and reinvigorate your brand. Black Box is ready to give you the support you need to succeed on your CX journey, whether it involves AI development, designing agent desktops capable of managing a variety of inbound channels, ensuring seamless and user-friendly digital channels, or strategically implementing outbound channels that are in line with your core values and increase brand awareness.

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This microsite offers you a quick rundown of the Black Box and Cognigy partnership, emphasizing how to boost customer service, offer remarkable experiences, and remain one step ahead of the competition with blazing-fast reaction times of Cognigy.AI.

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