Enabling the AI-Driven Enterprise

Business networks are complex, so network disruptions and end-user complaints go hand-in-hand. It can be frustrating while running a business operation that calls for seamless connectivity. To provide a solution to that, Black Box, in collaboration with Juniper Networks, offers a subscription-based WaaS model, which is driven by Juniper’s Mist AI platform. Managing and maintaining your business network for interrupted connectivity is no more a challenge now with Black Box’s WiFi assurance.

Here’s what you can do to leverage the platform:
  • Measure the user experience at any given moment
  • Identify UX disruptions in real time and enhance them simultaneously
  • Reduce network related trouble-tickets by 90%
  • Reduce branch site visits by 85% or more
  • Leverage the expertise of Black Box Managed Services to handle your full stack of wired, wireless, and WAN

The combined portfolio of Juniper Mist™ AI and Black Box services brings sophisticated AI to IT, delivering on the promise of a true AI-Driven enterprise. Our solutions and services deliver unsurpassed end-to-end user and IT experiences driving positive outcomes for your business.

Black Box’s wired, wireless, and SD-WAN services, featuring Juniper's Mist AI platform, provide full life-cycle support designed to maximize user experience and minimize IT support costs.

Global Partnership

Unveiling the Synergy: Black Box and Juniper Networks Partnership

Black Box and Juniper Networks join forces to redefine the landscape of networking solutions. In this insightful fast chat, we aim to answer key questions surrounding the collaboration, shedding light on the relations between Black Box and Juniper Networks and how this strategic alliance combines strengths to impact customers. Together, delivering a more connected, efficient, and scalable future.


Experience is the New Uptime

Optimize your network to deliver the best experience for employees, customers, and operators with Juniper Networks’ AI-Driven Enterprise where you will get:

  • Industry-leading wired, wireless, and SD-WAN
  • AI-Driven insights to enhance the network experience.
  • Indoor location services to elevate brand loyalty and deliver key enterprise insights
  • Experience and expertise delivered by Black Box and Juniper Networks
Enhance the Experience
  • 04BB_5G&OnGo_Icon01

    WiFi Assurance

    Juniper Mist machine learning replaces manual troubleshooting tasks with automated wireless operations. This cloud service makes WiFi predictable, reliable, and measurable with unique visibility into user service levels.

    WiFi Assurance
  • 04BB_5G&OnGo_Icon02

    Wired Assurance

    Wired Assurance service brings Mist AI to access-layer switching. It sets a new network management standard by improving the experiences of devices connected to resources through Juniper EX Series Ethernet Switches.

    Wired Assurance
  • 04BB_5G&OnGo_Icon03

    IoT Assurance

    This cloud service streamlines IT operations while securing network connections for headless IoT and BYOD devices.

    IOT Assurance
  • WAN Assurance

    This service simplifies operations, improves visibility into end-user experiences, and shortens SD-WAN mean time to repair. Marvis, the first virtual network assistant built for enterprise WLANs, LANs, and WANs, transforms network operations from reactive to proactive remediation.

    WAN Assurance

Black Box and Juniper: The Perfect Alliance For NaaS Customers

Network reliability is paramount in today's dynamic business landscape, yet many companies struggle to keep up. With 80% of organizations experiencing outages in the past three years, the cost of network disruptions has soared, with over 60% causing losses exceeding $100,000. Labor shortages compound this challenge, leaving businesses stretched thin in managing their critical data networks. However, Black Box offers a compelling solution with its end-to-end network-as-a-service (NaaS) offering, relieving customers of the burden of installation and management.

Teaming up with Juniper Networks, Black Box elevated its NaaS to new heights. This collaboration introduces a cutting-edge AI-powered network management system, addressing the evolving demands of hybrid work environments and digital transformations.

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