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Communications modernization just got easier and much more cost-effective. With a Black Box Managed Subscription, you can get all the benefits of cloud applications while modernizing your communications and mitigating ever-increasing costs.

This subscription, developed exclusively by Black Box, gives you more value in terms of communications, economy, and productivity. This comprehensive solution enables you to take advantage of the latest Avaya OneCloud communications technologies backed up by trusted Black Box Managed Services. You’ll find the predictable OPEX model alleviates ongoing increases in yearly maintenance costs while providing you with more features, services, and support than you may currently have.

Benefits include:

  • Control expenses with OPEX model
  • The latest software releases
  • Up/downscale users/devices
  • Add cloud-based innovations
  • Reduce stress on IT
  • Protect investments
  • Continue on-premises managed support

Transformation and Innovation

This low-risk, cost-effective subscription enables you to maintain your current systems while you make longer term decisions but allows you entitlements that you may not have access to today.

Subscriptions Create a Better Way to Work

Move to the latest, scalable, secure, and resilient communications technologies without incurring large capital costs. The OPEX subscription model eliminates upgrade costs and mitigates yearly maintenance increases of up to 25%.

Communications from Now to What’s Next

Get exactly the communication sets you want — when you’re ready for them. Add features and entitlements at no extra costs. Scale up and down and get 20% license overage. Flexible payment options mean no surprises.

Subscription Benefit Comparison


Move Forward; Protect Your Current Investments

Black Box is one of the few resources that can still support Nortel, legacy, and EOL equipment, and we’re an approved APS partner for Avaya. Services include support, monitoring, Avaya management, hardware/ capacity, and more.

Professional Services Aligned to Your Business Outcomes

As you migrate to this highly versatile subscription model, leveraging Black Box professional services will help you prioritize and manage projects effortlessly, hasten deployments, and create consistent experiences across locations.

  • Mobility

    Comprehensive Services

    Get the managed services and onsite/remote support you need from project management, and system monitoring to on-demand, staff augmentation, service desk, and multisite deployments.

  • Scalability-and-Innovation

    Technical Expertise

    Expert support is assured with Avaya certified engineers and technicians in all core competencies. Black Box boasts decades-long support of Avaya enterprise systems, including in-house Nortel expertise.

  • Security-and-Reliability

    Smooth Migrations

    Black Box subscription license conversion expertise as well as deep integration experience with Avaya SBC/Microsoft Teams, CS1K with Session Manager, third-party systems smooths your migration journey.

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Why Black Box?

Migrating your communications system be a daunting task. Black Box engineers and solution architects make it easy. We help you define your communications and collaboration goals. As a leader in communications, with a decades-long partnership with Avaya — Black Box can help you determine the consumption model that works best for you and aligns with your business drivers.

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