Employee Testimonials

Do you want to work at a place where every person matters? Where your contributions make meaningful impacts on our business? Don’t want to be lost among everyone else?

Hear what our Employees think about Black Box and why they are committed to our success.


Rahul Singh
Information Technology, Pittsburgh, PA

Black Box presents a uniquely opportunity-rich environment especially at this juncture in the company’s evolution. Today, we are each in a position to directly influence meaningful and tangible changes which makes it one of the most rewarding aspects of working here.


Jasmine Weaver
Program Administrator, Korea

I like working for Black Box Network Services because of the positive and mature work environment I belong. Widely open doors to grow within the organization are a huge plus! My loyalty and pride have only been growing for the last 5 years in Black Box.  


Brian Garrison
Project Finance, Herndon, VA

The most important aspect of my Black Box work life is the deeply rooted relationships I’ve developed over a long tenure.  I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with extremely intelligent, hardworking, considerate, nurturing, loyal, fun-loving individuals.  They are more than members of an amazing team; they’re family.  In good times and bad, professionally or personally; we support each other, roll up our sleeves and pitch in wherever resources are needed.  The family style culture is what makes our organization successful and strong.  It’s definitely the #1 reason I enjoy working at Black Box.


Johnny Sanchez
Operations, Amityville, NY

I enjoy working at Black Box because the employees truly believe in the work they do and understand the importance of our works bi-product, a happy customer. The executive team shares our vision and supports our efforts. Technology is always evolving and being a part of a team that’s focused on providing solutions through emerging technology is extremely gratifying in and of itself


Dallas Gable
Operations, Minneapolis, MN 

I have been with Blackbox since March of 2003 and have loved every day of it.  Black Box continues to provide me with opportunities to grow not only as a technical service provider, but as a customer service provider as well.  The regular training I receive in areas such as safety and vendor specific instructions have helped me thrive and I am forever grateful.


Jason Register
Operations, Duluth, GA

I started as a technician and worked my way up to Senior Lead Technician. Working for Black Box has taken me to places I could only imagine. I love my job because of the relationships I have developed with people I work beside, we are like family. I enjoy  having the freedom to experience the life and culture in the places I visit. I like the way Black Box challenges me to be the best at what I do. Everyday is different and I have to think outside the box. This job has allowed  me to grow and show my full potential in being the future of Black Box as we move forward into what's next in the world of communication.


Bryon Neminski
Supply Chain, Pittsburgh, PA

Black Box has been very supportive of my professional career development and growth from day one. Black Box has enabled me to greatly enhance my career with a diverse range of new and challenging projects that allow me to work closely with other Black Box employees from around the world. It’s a great feeling to walk into work each day with a purpose and go home feeling accomplished.

Black Box is an equal opportunity employer.  In accordance with federal, state and local laws, Black Box does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other protected status, and endorses those policies and practices which seek to recruit, hire, train and promote the most qualified persons into available jobs.