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Slim-Net CAT6A 28-AWG 500-MHz Stranded Ethernet Patch Cable - Unshielded, PVC, Snagless Boot, Blue, 5-ft.

Slim, Low-Profile CAT6A Cable Makes Connections a Breeze in High-Density 10G Networking Applications.


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Product Features

  • Slim-Net cables feature a low-profile design to save space in high-density applications
  • 28-AWG cable is nearly half the diameter of standard cabling
  • This cable reduces clutter, enhances airflow and improves heat dissipation
  • Cabling meets ANSI/TIA-568-C2 performance standards
  • Cable tested to 500-MHz CAT6A industry standard
  • 50-micron gold-plated contacts provide superior conductivity
  • Snagless boots prevent connector damage due to snags during installation


Slim Fit

Black Box Slim-Net CAT6A patch cables feature a low-profile design that saves space and reduces clutter in crowded telecom rooms, data centers, and other high-density 10G networking applications. With a diameter of only .161 inches, these 28-AWG cables are almost half the size of typical 24-AWG cables. When you calculate the physical cable area in bundles and in patching connections, you actually save more than 50 percent space when compared to traditional cables. 

Easier Cable Handling 

Because there's more space between patched 28-AWG cables, there's more space for your fingers during installs and MACs. An added benefit is improved airflow and port visibility. 

Reduced Cable Management 

These 28-AWG cables have a small footprint and great flexibility, making it easy to route them without a cable manager. In addition, you can gain more than 50 percent space in vertical cable managers. 

Conserve Rack Space 

A major benefit of 28-AWG cables is they allow you to put more cables in high-density 1U or 2U patch panels, freeing up valuable rack units. You can also eliminate or reduce the number of horizontal cable managers, opening up even more space. 

Big Performance in a Small Cable

Black Box Slim-Net cables meet ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 performance standards, ensuring the transmission of your 10G Ethernet signaling. They feature a robust construction that includes 50-micron gold-plated contacts for superior conductivity. These cables have connectors designed for the insertion and extraction life of 750 cycles, making for an ultra-reliable solution that you can count on to perform. They also feature snagless boots that provide extra strain relief and prevent connector damage due to cable snags during installation. Available in a variety of lengths and colors, Black Box’s Slim-Net line of cabling gives you the flexibility to build your install however you want.

Tech Specs

Electrical Performance
ACR 100 MHz: 24.4 dB/100 m; 250 MHz: 5.3 dB/100 m
ACRF 100 MHz: 27.8 dB/100 m; 250 MHz: 19.8 dB/100 m; 500 MHz: 13.8/100 m
Delay Skew 1-10 MHz: 40 +/- 10 nS/100 m
Frequency Up to 500 MHz
Impedance 100 ± 15 ohms
Insertion Loss (Maximum) 100 MHz: 19.8 dB/100 m; 250 MHz: 32.8 dB/100 m; 500 MHz: 48.9 dB/100 m
Mutual Capacitance 5600 pF/100 m max.<
NEXT 100 MHz: 44.3 dB/100 m; 250 MHz: 38.3 dB/100 m; 500 MHz: 33.8 dB/100 m
Pair-to-Ground Capacitance 330 pF/100 m max.
Propagation Delay 250 MHz: 535.5 ns/100 m max.
PS-ACR 100 MHz: 22.4 dB/100 m; 250 MHz: 3.3 dB/100 m
PS-ACRF 100 MHz: 24.8 dB/100 m; 250 MHz: 16.8 dB/100 m; 500 MHz: 10.8 dB/100 m
PS-NEXT 100 MHz: 42.3 dB/100 m; 250 MHz: 36.3 dB/100 m; 500 MHz: 31.8 dB/100 m
Resistance 22.3 ohms/100 m
Approvals RoHS, CE, UL/cUL
Cable Jacket Type CM PVC
Cable Type Stranded
Conductor Gauge 28 AWG
Connector 1 RJ-45 Male
Connector 2 RJ-45 Male
Connector Plating 50μ
Shielded No
Snagless Connector Yes
Product works with:
  • CAT6A UTP Bulk Cable
  • CAT6A Patch Panels
  • GigaTrue CAT6A Jacks
  • GigaStation2 Wallplates
  • GigaStation2 Surface Mount Housings

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