This white paper details the evolution and technology of Black Box's Glide and Switch, a system allowing seamless computer switching using a single mouse. It traces the technology's history from early PC networking to modern, sophisticated KVM switches, emphasizing ease of use, multi-head graphic card support, and secure switching solutions. Key takeaways:

  • Historical Development: Glide and Switch originated from "Synchrony," a software facilitating control over two PCs with a single mouse and keyboard, evolving to support more PCs and transitioning from RS-232 to network/IP-based control.

  • Modern Technology Implementation: Utilizes USB HID devices for efficient communication, requiring specific system configurations for multi-monitor setups and avoiding the use of adapters for optimal operation.

  • Functionality and Use: Allows users to switch control between computers by moving the mouse cursor to the screen edge, with KVM switches learning cursor positions and adapting USB channels accordingly.

  • Product Solutions: Black Box offers a range of Glide and Switch products, including Freedom II KM Switches and DKM FXC KVM Matrix Switches, supporting multi-computer setups and ensuring secure data transfer in sensitive environments.

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